14 points you could relate if you are a Indian at heart.


1. No matter how many places you traveled across the world, you think your country is the best of them all and feel your hometown is heaven.

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2. You feel bad for the condition of this country but you know the time are changing for good and you are proud to be an Indian.


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3. You might have tasted many cuisines of the world and  have had your favorites, but you still that indian cuisine is the best of them all. Thinking of a masala dosa or a butter chicken makes your mouth water.

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and you think your mother is the best cook in the world.

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4. You might own a sports bike or a luxury car but you still remember the time you traveled triples with your besties on that old bike of yours.



5. You are good at English but given a chance you always prefer talking in your mother tongue 😀



6. You might love Eminem and MJ, yet not a day passes by without listening to the classics of Ilayaraja & A.R.Rehman.


7. If you are a girl, You love wearing western clothes but nothing beats your salwar kameez or voni.


8. You follow FIFA, NFL & NBL. Yet, nothing compares to the pleasure of playing crickets with  your  friends.

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9. You would opt out of those 5 star hotel cuisines and starbucks coffee for your favourite dhabha food, road side punugulu/Pav Baji. Nothing can beat the Tea at the Chai bandi and South Indian Filter Coffee.

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10. English abuses aren’t a thing for you, you can make impactful conversations using words like BC, MC, La%%$%%ka , Neyabba, er#$%#ka.



11. No matter how cool your are for your friends, you still have the best time sitting and listening to you grandmother.

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12. You think she is more beautiful

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  than her.

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Although you love flirting with western girls you end up falling  for a Indian girl.

13.  A.R. Rahman’s  vande mataram still gives you goosebumps.

Vande mataram

14. It doesn’t matter if you follow cricket or not,  a match between India and Pakistan sure gives you chills to the spine.

sachiiin saaachin!!

Nothing more satisfying than India winning a match against Pakistan isn’t it??


You can take us away from India but you cannot take India away from us.
Indian at heart!!