14 Expectations vs Realities of Indian students in USA.


We all expect a lot when we are about to continue our studies in USA. But, it such happens that our expectations are different from the reality. Lets see some of those which happen with the Indian students in USA.

1. Fun in the snow.

Expectation: Fantasize about playing in the snow, having snowball fights. And uploading the pictures on Facebook adn Instagram.
I hate snow gif
Reality: Ends up hating snow, slipping 10 times a day walking to the university, cursing ice, swearing never to live in a snowy place ever after.


2. Internet with lightning speed.

giphy (1)

Expectation: 50 Mbps internet speed? I’ll download every damn movie from the internet. Now nobody can stop me!

giphy (2)

Reality: You get screwed by the law if you download movies. Shut up and watch youtube like a good kid.

3. White girls! White girls!

giphy (5)

Expectation: Indian students in USA dream of getting a white girl.

brahmi gif iddarammayilatho

Reality: The white girls are all taken and the desi girls look fake in the american attire. Here you are stuck between two undesirable options.


4. Party like a rockstar.

giphy (8)

Expectation: Weekend, movies, pubs, disco, bowling, girls. I’m so gonna have fun.

giphy (9)

Reality: Assignments, Part time jobs, cooking, cleaning, laundry. F**k my life!


5. Cheap electronics.

giphy (10)

Expectation: Throw the old smartphone and get a premium Android or a iPhone for just $200


Reality: Get a phone for $200 and pay another $80 each month for the next two years to own it.


6. It’s always fun time.

eyyy bushaaa

Expectations: I will have so much fun with my new friends that I wont miss my family & loved ones much.


brahmi crying

Reality: Ends up having getting emotional on skype calls with family and old friends.

7. Amazing Food.


Expectations: Finally, I can have as much pizza and junk food as I want. No more boring Indian food.

giphy (12)

Reality: Starts craving for homemade food and cries like a kid.

8. Praying at Temples.

giphy (13)

Expectation: I ain’t a saint. Enough of praying already. And never goes to a temple thinking it is old peoples job.

giphy (14)

Reality: But, few of the Indian students in USA go to the temple to have prasadam. That’s the closest one can get to an authentic Indian food.


9. Costly attire.

Express shirts

Expectation: Dream of having your own wardrobe collection of US Polo, Express, etc.

aero postale

Reality: Ends up buying an Aeropostale in sale.


10. Money! Money! Money!

rich guy gif

Expectation: Your family thinks you are a billionaire in making.
Indian student motel job

Reality: You work in Indian Stores, Motels, Gas Stations & Indian Restaurants for Survival.


11. The Drinks.

Johnie walker usa

Expectation: Dreams of Jack Daniel and Johnie Walker every weekend.


prabhas drinking

Reality: Ends Up drinking Budweiser, Jameson and Absolut.


12. Evening Snacks.


Expectation: Cakes, muffins, cookies and what not. No more of Chole Bhature and Panipuri. 

brahmi gif eatingReality: Craves for those evening snacks and eats them like haven’t eaten them ever before. Share a few with roommates.


13. Pocket money.

obama rich guy

Expectations: Indian students in USA expect themselves to be a super rich guy spending money like water.


Reality: Ends up adding Milk and Bread on this.


14. Live life king size.

Audi car Gif

Expectations: Dreams of buying this as soon as they enter USA.

old car gif

Reality: Ends up buying an old car from 1990s for $2000- $3000.