12 Things you can relate to if you are a dog lover.



1. He came to your life as a stranger and ended up being your best friend (or, maybe even more).


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2. You have a vivid memory of the first time you bought him your home

first time

and it brings a smile on your face every time it comes to your mind.

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3.  He is the one PERSON who loves you unconditionally no matter what your flaws are.


nothing compares to the feeling of being loved by a pure hearted entity

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4. He waits all day for you to return home and he’s the happiest being on the earth when he sees you.

Happy dog

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5. The first thing you do when you come home is cuddling him

Dog Hug

and your girlfriend is jealous of him.

6. He can sense it when you are feeling low and he tries his best to pull you out of it ( just like your best friend)


7. You instantly make rapport with people you are good to them.


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8. Some times , you vent out your feelings to them and they just stay there, listen & try to console you. You end up wondering if they really started understanding you.

dog cuddling


9. They can just Blackmail you with their childish puppy eyes and you fall for it no matter how hard you try not to.

Puppy eyes

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10. Begs you to throw a ball, brings it back to you and  fight with you when you try to take it. Still they are less drama than your girlfriend.

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11. They are your partners in crime and you like it that way.

partner in crime

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12. They might be present just for a small part your life, but they give you memories for a life time.


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End of the day, no matter what, he is a big part of your life. you will always be blessed for his  presence and the day he’s gone, you will cherish his memories.