11 Leadership Lessons you can learn from Game of Thrones.


1. Never under estimate yourself.

jon snowSourceGiphy.com

Jon Snow, the Bastard Son of Eddard Stark who has always been at a disadvantage and didn’t enjoy the luxuries of their siblings. He played it well gaining the respect of one after the other and became the Lord Commander of the Night Watch.

Never underestimate yourself, believe in what you do and play the game of life and Start Ups really well. Survive the competition and market realities, exhibit the qualities and win the customers.

2. Not just about the Talent always. Right application matters too.!


The Dothrakis are the strongest army, but their weakness is Sea. The kings in Westros knew that the strong men and the horses would never cross the sea and are not a threat.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses and build your products accordingly. Look at your competitors and try to access their weakness and strengths too. This will help you concentrate on the right areas to be successful.

3. Be a Lannister.

lannister pays his debtsSourceBuzzFeed

” The Lannisters always pay their debts.”

Do a timely review of your finances and Pay your debts in time. This increases your credibility in the market and the financial relations the start up has.

4. Have a Mentor, Believe in yourself and Focus on your Product.

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Tywin Lannister is one of the wisest men on Game of Thrones. The kids ruling westros is all because of the wise man like tyrian who advises the whole family and keeps them in reign.

Always have a mentor who guides you through and makes you successful. Choose a wise man as your mentor and he will keep you in reign.

5. Don’t be the King Joffrey.

king joffreySourceGiphy

Arrogance and over confidence Kills. King Joffrey insults his people, shows arrogance in every bit only to get killed in his wedding feast.

I’m the BOSS attitude will only kill the product. Confidence is god, over confidence kills. Listen to your team, customers and the feedback.

6. Wear that Freaking Helmet, or get killed.

oberyn martellSourcegiphy.com

Oberyn Martell was great fighter and almost won against the Mountain. Over Confidence and not preparing for the threat killed him. All it would have took is a helmet to save his life.

When you know there is a threat ahead, play safe. Get your armor and strategy on. Ignoring the threat would kill your company, stay vigilant and look for legal, technological and other threats that could kill you growth or the product as a whole.

7. Say No when you want to say No.!

Eddard Stark is a noble man, but does what he doesn’t believe in for his loyalty to his friend and the King Robert Baratheon. He executes the orders despite of him knowing that its Wrong.!  We know what it cost him.

Decisive Leadership matters a lot in leading a Start Up. Take the right decision and stick with it. Have the courage to say ” Yes when its a YES and No when it is a NO.”

8. Give the Freedom to see the Creativity and Productivity come out.

mother of dragonsSourcegiphy.com

Daenerys Targaryen gives freedom to the Unsullied making them the great force behind her victory. Mother of Dragons is the greatest leader of Game of Thrones for her unique character of winning people’s heart and making them stand by her side.

Give freedom to you employees and respect them, they will make you the Leader and stand by you making you successful. Micro Management will hurt the organization and kills the creativity.

9. Demand a Trial by Combat.

trail by combatSourcegiphy.com

Tyrian Lannister survives twice by demanding “Trail by Combat”. He gets a friend at the combat the first time and the second time he get love from his brother surviving twice from the most deadly situations.

When you are at risk, try your options to survive, bring in all the help to save your Start Up. If your alliance survives at the Trail by Combat, you become stronger and bigger a team.

10. Chaos isn’t a Pit. Its a Ladder. – Little Finger.

chaos isnt a pitSourcesayingimages.com

Little Finger is known for his self grown personality. His strategies lead to wars and peace. “Chaos isn’t a Pit. Its a Ladder. Many who try to climb fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them.” are his words.


Uncertainty is an opportunity.! Leaders try to explore opportunities in the uncertainty and take it as a challenge to make things better and stand out as Leaders. Next time you see an uncertainty, its an opportunity for you.


11. Finally, Winter is Coming.


Winter is Coming.!

Yes, and when it comes, we will all be dead.

Look at Nokia, Blackberry, and the legends who lost the glory as the Winter came. Be vigilant to the change in the climate (market). If your business is not prepared for the change, it will die. The White Walkers will you with them.