10 Types of students every South Indian school has.


Let’s look at some types of students which every south Indian school has.

1. Nerd of the century.

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“I need to complete two whole chapters by today so that I can answer my teacher while she’s teaching for one long month”.


2. Sleeping honey.

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“Ahh! This subject again? Who cares? I’m sleeping!”


3. The gossipers.

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X: “Arei, Nagi gaadiki Nikki hand ichindi anta!”
Y :  “Doola teerindi yedava ki. Cinema ki rammante show chesadu ninna!”


4. Always the project owner.

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“You did it all wrong. It has to be done in a proper manner. Okay never mind! Its me who’s has do the whole thing”.


5. Texting queen.

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“Gosh this teacher! Too much of notes. He’s not letting me complete my text. I have whole lot of people to reply on Whatsapp.”


6. The one who carries away in front of guys.

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“Oh you? I just came here in my Benz. My dad dropped me ’cause he’s so possessive about his beautiful daughter you know.”


7. Hyper duper kid.

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“Guys! You know what? We are going out now. Yes, and don’t argue over this. We are going!”


8. Selfie addict.

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“Awwww. Lets take a selfie and post it on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and what not?! We look good today”


9. Lost in thoughts chap.

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“Omg! What am I going to speak when I get pretty famous? Let me prepare a speech first”


10. The intellegent duffer.

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“Oh that thing? I learnt that in my 3rd Grade. Its no big deal”


Southie: Advaitha Sriramaneni