10 Things To Know About Kabali


Needless to say, the world is now going gaga over Ranjikanth’s 164th outing Kabali. Records are being broken already though the film is hitting the screens today on 22nd July. Here are some interesting facts about the much awaited Kabali.

1. Kabali is the 1st indian movie to release across 18 nations at a time, including India.


2. Kabali is going to release across 4000 screens all around the world with 445 screens in USA and 490 in Malaysia.


3. Kabali is the only South Indian movie to release in over 1000 screens in North India.


4. Rajni’s character in this film is speculated to be based on a real life Don Kabaleeshwaran from Mylapore, Chennai.


5. Kabali is the only Superstar movie in 24 years that did not have S.P Balasubrahmanyam’s voice anywhere in the film. SP Balu has given voice for all of Rajni’s title tracks for the past 24 years.


6. The introductory scene of Rajni’s in this film is said to be having a duration of more than 90 seconds, anticipating the lengthy cheers Superstar gets in the theatres.


7. Kabali is all set to be the first movie in the world that made a few MNCs and small companies in India declare a holiday for their employees.


8. Kabali is the 1st Indian movie to release in World’s biggest theatre Le grand Rex in France with 2500 seats.


9. The teaser for Kabali gained 27.1 million views, becomes the most viewed Indian teaser.


10. This is the first film where Rajnikanth is playing his own age.