10 things we all face at Chaat, Pani Puri Centers.



1. The expression  you will observe from the people when there is a too much of crowd and waiter saying” just five mins the order will be ready”

Chat Bhai:”Ayepotundi  bhai just 5 mins….”

Me: ”‘ok….”


2. Every time you see a gang coming froma far off place and make hell lot of noise.

:  “Nee **** yekkada nunchi vastaru raa villu andaru…..”



3. There is this One guy always needs it very Spicy..!!

katon-goukakyuu-no-jutsu-o (1)

4. The same gang has this guy who cant manage Spice at all.


use 2

5. One guy always checks about the cleaning process of plates and glass.

 :”Yentidi….aaa….nenu taravata tintanu…indake thinnanu……”


6. And this situation is always there at Chaat Center making you freaking angry.

“rey,..adi naa chair bey…”

use 5

7.Now  one  person will be there to take your order and saying that “hey i came first…”.

“edi nadi..ledu bhai nenu yeppudo order istey ippudu icchadu”



8. Most funniest thing is that they shout the same order and you are ready to take, later realize its not your order.

“ohh..nadi kada….”


9. This will be the final moment you will shout like anything

” Bhai…How much time I have to wait here.?! ”

“yeppudo bhumi puttinappudu ichanu order yenthasepu inka…..”

use 6

10.” I cant explain you this one: ”

“Naa valla kadu…..”

use 4

and then Repeat… Next day, Same time, Same Place, We will land with our gang for Chat and Pani Puri. 🙂