10 Perks That Female Drivers Enjoy In India


Female drivers in India have been criticized at every point. 99 in 100 people will root for the fact that women are rash and reckless drivers. But considering the multiple sacrifices we make everyday, few perks won’t do us any bad, right? *Why should boys have all the fun?*

P.S, This is a humorous article, written in a really light vein.


So, read it only if you are willing to have a good laugh.


1. We get cars much more easily than our brothers.

While your brothers are given tasks to complete (like, keeping their room tidy for a month or topping the University) to receive a vehicle of their own, most girls are given cars even before voicing their interest. Why?

The world out there is UNSAFE and a vehicle keeps you guarded. Good enough!


2. We ‘bypass’ the rules and get to enjoy them.

It is prohibited to not travel with a helmet. But you could always say that you are rushing to a wedding and didn’t want your hair to be dissembled.

It’s prohibited to use mobile phones while driving. But it’s not prohibited to apply gloss. It could be for a reason right? Big deal, man!



3. No one on the roads will abuse us.

Because we are girls. All we could garner is a fierce look, but that is it. We say a cute ‘sorry’ and drive off. Your smile is your ultimate defence weapon.



4. Flat tyre?

Don’t have a spare? Too tired? Stuck in the middle of nowhere? Wait, are you a girl? Cool, sip on some chilled Coke as someone does it for you – WILLINGLY.


5. Breaking rules doesn’t always call for a fine.

We take the wrong turn, we don’t give an indicator, we speed across narrow streets, we skip the red light –  we do just about anything, and when the uniformed men come to us, one of this happens :

i. They ask you not to do it again and you say a sorry and ride on.

ii. They ask you to show your license and let you go.

iii. They ask you to pay the fine, but you make a puppy face and say ‘Uncle, please?’ or maybe make him your superficial brother, and they feel for you. Really – as simple as that!



6. Parking lots are your favourite places.

Getting a valet parking wherever you go is a breeze. All it takes a few ‘pleases’ and the right ‘attitude’.

Ohh yes, how could you forget the 100 watt smile to go with all of it?



7. You can stop your vehicle wherever you please.

Just turn on your parking lights, and whenever you see a cop nearing, pretend you are setting your hair, smile and leave. All set!



8. No matter how you look, a woman driving a car is sexier multi-fold.

Which man wouldn’t like his woman to be independent and authoritative?Period.


9. You inspire a whole lot of women out there.

There are women who cannot afford cars. Then, there are some who can’t drive (like, the women in Saudi fighting for their rights). Then again, there are some of the ‘Driving scares the living daylights out of me’ type. So, yes, you might not know it but they all look up to you. 



10. Driving liberates us.

It is amazing to own the steering wheel. Abides by you 24×7 and treats you like a master. Maybe, that’s why!



Cheers to the female drivers out there. <3