10 Kite Festivals Travellers Should Not Miss.


With the festive season round the corner, the sky is usually brimming with kites of all kinds and colors. But have you ever wondered how amazing some parts of the world seem?

Here are 10 such festivals you must add to your bucket list –

1. Pasir Gudang, Malaysia.

It is a showcase of the pride and passion of Malaysian kiting. One of the most anticipated events in Malaysia’s tourism calendar, this festival targets participants from at least 38 nations annually.

When? : Last week of February.

Also visit: The Pasir Gudang Kite Museum, a very exquisite kite museum with its emphasis on Malaysian way is a treat to the soul.

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2. Uttarayan, Gujarat.

Generally termed a traditionally calm city, Ahmedabad bursts into vibrancy during the International Kite Festival, held in January every year. Kite-flying enthusiasts come from as far as New Zealand to partake in the celebrations.

When?:  January 14.

Also Visit: The private ‘Vintage Car Museum’, a place with over a hundred working cars, mostly from 1906 to 1964, on display.

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3. Goldcoast, Australia.

The Kirra Kite Festival is much smaller in size compared to the ones mentioned above. However, a trip here is worth it, as Gold Coast is a coveted tourist destination for those travelling to Australia. With its soothing climate, beautiful coastal stretches and a perfect blend of clubs and casinos, it is a great tourist spot.

When? :  November.

Also, Visit The Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Brisbane and Whitsunday Islands.

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4. Dieppe, Canada.

The Dieppe Kite International offers a unique kite disciplines, which includes, among others, extreme acrobatic kite flying, Rokkaku combats and creative kites.

When?:  August.

Also Visit Dieppe’s Wednesday Show, where free outdoor concerts are staged; and attended by more than 10,000 people in the downtown each summer.

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5. Jakarta, Indonesia.

The Jakarta International Kite Festival is a 20-year-old tradition that has evolved from a children’s game called layang layang, and as kite fights became more competitive, the event continued to gain popularity both locally, and globally.

When? :  Two-day event in July.

Also Visit: Rest of Jakarta, which is a direct contrast to the rest of India; thanks to its coffee shops and markets.

5Source Jakarta Tourism

6. Washington DC, USA.

Hundreds of kites are seen in Long Beach as part of the National Cherry Blossom Festival Celebrations, a festival that commemorates the friendship between USA and Japan when the Mayor of Tokyo gifts Japanese cherry trees to the city.

When? : End March to Early April.

Also Visit :  The rest of Washington DC, which is home to some of the world’s best museums, monuments, parks and camping sites.

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7. Weifang, China.

Despite its strict visa rules, thousands of visitors flock into China in April to celebrate the festival in the Shandong province, also known as the ‘World Kite Capital’. This age-old tradition of kite flying started from the Tang dynasty. Traditional kite designs like the Centipede or Dragon are still used with ancient methods of kite-making, in these regions.

When? : April.

Also Visit: Kite Museum, one of the largest kite museums in the world; and the Kite Factory.

7Source China Daily


8. Austin, Texas.

Taking place in the beautiful Zilker park in Central Austin, the ABC Zilker Kite festival is FREE for everyone and benefits the communities in the schools of Central Texas.

When? : Early March.

Also Visit: ‘The Austin Segway Tour’ is something everyone should take.

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9. Bristol, England.

The Bristol International Kite Festival is the quintessential spot to witness an amazing sky full of colour with giant special-shaped 3D animals, mock aerial combat with traditional Japanese fighting kites, synchronised sports kite team routines flown to music and even, a wind orchestra.

When? : Last Week Of August.

Also Visit: Clifton Suspension Bridge and Cabot Tower.

9Source Guide To Weston

10. Sagami, Japan.

The ‘Sagami Giant Kite Festival’ held on the banks of Sagami river is very famous for the huge scale of the Sagami Ohdako (Sagami Giant) Kite, which are made of bamboo and handmade Japanese paper.
The Sagami Giant Kite is 14.4m wide x 14.4m high. It weights 880kg. The appropriate wind speed for this kite is 10m/s to 15m/s. Building cost of the kites is about 1,820,000 yen. More than 90 people are required to fly this kite in the sky.

When? : May 5.

Also Visit: Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest, on the Sagami lakeside.

10Source Blogspot

So, this Sankranthi, “throw your dreams into space like a kite. You do not know what it will bring back; a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country”.