10 Illustrations which totally explain Single Vs Relationship.




1. Short and Crisp Conversations Vs Hours and Hours of talk.



2. Beer with friends Vs Wine at a restaurant.

drinks india

3. Instant accept Vs Thing twice before you do it.

facebook add request accept india


4. The Rough and Mass look Vs Clean Shave look.

haircut relationship

5. The Single hand Vs the Heart Hand.


6. A Purse Full month Vs Credit Card full month.

purse during relationship

7. The Friends and Fun  Vs   No Time for Friends.


8. The Gn bro texts Vs  I don’t feel like sleeping Baby Texts 😀

sms India

9. The Racer style driving Vs the Speed Limit driving.!

speed of bike

10. The best position to watch a Movie Vs We don’t care position. 😉

Theatre seats india


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