10 Exciting Things To Expect in Amaravati


The government of Andhra Pradesh, headed by Nara Chandrababu Naidu, is putting in extensive efforts to turn the capital city into a world class city with all kinds of facilities and a hub of IT industry and more. Among those plans, are also plans to build exciting, entertaining, recreational, and logistical facilities. Here’s taking a look at 10 of the most exciting things one can expect in Amaravati.

1. Amaravati Eye:


Earlier this year, the Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu visited London and being impressed by the amount of tourism that the London Eye attracts, later announced his plans to build a similar tourist attraction in the city; overlooking the Krishna river.

2. APNRT Tower:


This tower, planned to be built by the Non Resident Telugus, will be an icon of Amaravati once it is completed. Shaped like an A, it will feature vast working spaces, infinity pool, helipad, rotating restaurant and more.

3. Waterfront City:


Taking advantage of the rich Krishna river passing through the city, there are extensive plans for waterfront development; with beautiful parks and other tourist attractions on both sides of the river, in addition to a riverfront promenade.

4. Amaravati Mass Rapid Transit:


The Amaravati Mass Rapid Transit is an elevated rail system that will offer high-comfort and safe and rapid commuting facilities.

5. Vijayawada City Square:


The sprawling PWD grounds in the city will be turned into a 16 acre City Square with an iconic pillar in the middle. The square will have a host of entertainment facilities like an exhibition center, musical fountain, gaming zone, indoor stadium, theme park and a lot more.

6. Water Transportation:


Taking a cue from cities like Venice, where water transportation plays a major role, the government now plans to introduce river transportation as an alternative form of transportation in the city. Hop-on-hop-off water taxis and other similar services will be introduced on both sides of the river.

7. Walkways and Cycle Tracks:


To promote walking and cycling as modes of transportation as opposed to motorized transportation which is the major contributor of pollution; there are extensive plans to build well lit walkways and cycle tracks in all parts of the city; specifically on the banks of the Krishna river.

8. Botanical Gardens:


Botanical garden, covering 101 Hectares, is meant to be a City park where various fauna & ora of the state could be showcased. This will be easily accessible by MRT and buses.

9. Island Parks:


The island clusters in the river will now be used for recreational facilities like vast golf courses and theme parks. Now wouldn’t that be exciting!

10. Wetland Park:


Wetland park is proposed to maintain the natural beauty of the waterfront. Occupying 52 Hectares, it is imagined to be a natural public realm where fun community activities like camping, barbecue, jogging and bicycling are possible.