18 Reasons Why Your Father is Your Eternal Superhero!


Whoever said, “Any man can be a father, but it takes a special man to be a dad”.

Here are 18 reasons why your dad is the coolest person you’ll ever meet –


1. He is usually the person behind most of your ‘firsts’ in life.


Your first cycling, driving, walking and study lessons, your first toy, your first pocket money, your first sport – be it anything, it is always daddy!



2. He is your “partner-in-crime” whenever mommy says ‘NO’!

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Whether it’s an extra hour with the television or a sneak into the fridge for a chocolate, daddy is your “go-to” person.


3. You attribute all those countless horseback rides to him.

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Swaaayyyy, he would take you across the entire place effortlessly.



4. And he never left a stone untouched to make you feel on top of the world.





5. He has always been the reason behind family trips to any place.


From taking you or mommy to the hospital to going out for a movie on the weekend, it is usually daddy who takes care.


6. While your mom took care of you, your dad took care of your mom.


And you kept falling in love with them!


7. He would play with you/help you with your homework despite a tiring day at office.


And act as if he did nothing all day.



8. And never hesitated to scold you for the mistakes and never minded the “bad guy” tag that was bestowed upon him.


Maybe, a slap on the head once in a way was called for, because he knew that helping you sift right from wrong was more important.


9. But he would always come back in the night to hug you and pat your head. 


And wipe your tears away to show you that you mean the world to him!

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10. “Daddy feet walking” was a hobby back then.


Well, it still might be; if you’re puny ! Haha.



11. He was the man who taught you the “A-Z” of your favourite sport and recounted his childhood sports memories with you.



From cricket to football, you have it all.


12. He is the forever ‘troubleshooter’ of your life.


Be it financial aid or a romantic goof-up, he might lose it at times; but there is no better person to solve it.

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13. Whether it is a midnight ice cream trip or a bike race down the street, daddy is always up for adventure.


Even when mommy is not!


14. He might talk less, but he is very proud of your achievements.



15. Daddy always makes it to your Annual Day, Sports Day and “whatever-day”.


No matter how busy he is. No matter how ill he is.

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16. Behind his smiling face is the sensitive person we seldom see!


But sometimes, just maybe – he will talk his heart out to us. And we might even end up hearing his childhood love story then. *Laughs*

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17. He has kept the family together and stayed strong against all odds.


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He has done everything in his power to make your life better.



18. He is every son’s first hero and every daughter’s first love.


That in itself proves that your father is an awesome person and that he deserves a medal.


I can go on and on forever with this endless list.
So this Father’s Day, let us thank our daddies for always being there!