Yesterday, the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, Mr. Nara Chandrababu Naidu offered prayers to Godavari and Krishna rivers at Pavitra Sangamam where Godavari joins Krishna river at Ibrahimpatnam near Vijayawada; when the waters from the Godavari flowed into Krishna, after travelling all the way from Pattiseema, through the Polavaram Right Main Canal.


Water lifted at Pattiseema (into the Polavaram Right Main Canal) travelled 174 km to reach the Prakasam barrage. The Pattiseema project was inaugurated and water was released on July 6.


Farmers in the Krishna delta region are all celebrating as this project will irrigate lakhs of acres in the region.

“The water that has blue tinge is Krishnamma and the one that is reddish is Godavari. The confluence of the two rivers is a momentous occasion for the people of Andhra Pradesh,” he said and pointed out that he felt as though the interlinking of Godavari and Krishna rivers was a great boon to him given by God.

With this, farmers can harvest much before November, which is usually the time when cyclones hit AP coast.

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