This Vizag Based Filmmaker Comes Up With A Hard Hitting Film on Marital Rape


According to the Section 375 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), forced sex in marriages as a crime only when the wife is below age 15. Thus, marital rape in India is not a punishable offence and victims have to file a case under Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act 2005 (PWDVA). This, in conjunction with the fact that our society has a lot of taboos attached to it, results in many cases of marital rape going unreported, with the rapists actually being glorified in some cases.

Soumya Bollapragada, a short film-maker from Visakhapatnam, recently made a short film titled “I am…She!”; based on real life instances of marital rape. This film presents a hard-hitting image of how women face sexual abuse at home and at workplace and yet, lack the courage to raise their voice; owing to the taboos and victim-blaming attached to sexual crimes.

I am…She!: