Things To Expect From Krishna Pushkaralu 2016


The Krishna Pushkaralu are going to commence on the 12th August and they will go on until 23rd August. With lakhs of pilgrims expected to attend these in Vijayawada, the government of Andhra Pradesh has taken several measures to ensure everything goes smoothly. In fact, there are also some fun elements in this Pushkaralu. Here’s taking a look at what you can look forward to this 12-day mega event in Vijayawada.

Safety and Security.


The Union Health Ministry suggested that precautions are to be taken to prevent water-bourne diseases like diarrhoea. Consequently, nearly 100 specialist doctors and several medical teams will be available at Vijayawada during the event. Drones and CCTV cameras would be used extensively at ghats located on either side of the Krishna River. Apart from real time monitoring of movement of pilgrims, and the traffic, the surveillance is also part of fool-proof security measures to be put in place for the Pushkaralu. Apart from that, DGP N.Sambasiva Rao said that 24,000 police personnel shall be installed to avoid any stampedes, thefts and other safety issues.

Logistical arrangements


The State Government has facilitated in making mobile applications for the Krishna Pushkaralu. The features that can be found in the app are location of nearest ATMs, hospitals, police stations, Pushkar ghats, parking lots and others using GPS, and the current location of the user on maps. There are 7 mobile applications made especially for this holy event. An example of what happens when you have a tech savvy man for a CM.

In addition to this, all the Pushkar ghats have information kiosks, shower stalls and more.

Culture and Heritage


Adding on to the grandeur of the event, the department of language and culture is prepping up to add cultural richness to the Pushkaralu. Kala Jathas, traditional art forms, Kuchipudi dance performances with around 100 artistes, music recitals, torch rallies and some splendid fireworks are to be carried out every day during all the 12 days.

Adding flavor to the taste buds


The State Government will set up food courts at several places in Vijayawada along the Pushkar ghats which will serve Andhra specials from across all the districts. The Chief Minister visited the Pushkar ghats to review the arrangements and said that noted food items of all the districts should be available at the food court and the pilgrims should feel proud about Andhra food varieties. He said that the food items of other states also should be made available at the food courts. Many of the food courts would be set up at the apron downstream of Prakasam barrage at Vijayawada.

The fun element


For the first time, water sports and river cruises are also being introduced on the river Krishna, on account of the Krishna Pushkaralu. The CM directed the officials to set up 10 parking places along the river for the boats to dock.