15 Things to do in Hyderabad on your next Trip.


Here is a list of things to do in Hyderabad in your next trip.!

1. Charminar.

CharminarSourceNavin Bahirwani Photography

What would you go and see when you’re in Paris? The Eiffel Tower.

Agra? The Taj Mahal.

So if you’re in Hyderabad, do make time to visit this beautiful, historical structure we have from 1594 which was built to commemorate the eradication of plague!

2. Street shopper’s paradise!


Here’s a list of places in Hyderabad that’ll make a person who wants to shop on a budget go crazy!

Laad Bazaar – Bangles, anyone? This is the place you should be at! Clothes and more, too!

Sultan Bazaar, Begum Bazaar and General Bazaar – name it and it’s there!

Perfume Market – Regionally produced scents in beautiful glass vials!

3. Mashoor Ice-cream at Mozam Jahi Market.

Hyd icecreamSourceFlickr

Visiting Hyderabad in summer? You must go to Mozam Jahi Market and visit the very famous Mashoor Ice-cream and Bilal Ice cream that is a little away from it. You get the best home-made icecreams there with lip-smacking flavours!

4. Pearls.


Hyderabad isn’t called the City of Pearls for nothing.

The city is one of the largest pearl drilling centres in India. So, on your next trip, make sure you take home the perfect souvenir for yourself – buy yourself some pearlies!

5. TankBund.

Buddha statue hussain sagarSource

Taking an early morning stroll or a late night walk by Hussain Sagar must be on your to-do list! The view of the other side of the city reflecting in the lake that carries one of the largest monolithic rocks that’s beautifully sculpted as Buddha is a must see!

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6. Museum.

Salar JungSourceFlickr

Pay a visit to the famous Salar Jung museum and you will be in awe of the collection! The Salar Jung Museum not only has collections from all over India but from Middle Eastern and Western regions too! From the very famous marble statue  “Veiled Rebecca” from Rome to a set of  chairs made out of ivory from France, the museum has got fascinating collections with interesting histories that are worth your while in Hyderabad.

7. The Nehru Zoological Park.

Nehru Zoological park.SourceFlickr

It extends over a 380 acre land! Nehru Zoological Park has successfully bred several endangered wild animals both indigenous and exotic, like Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger,Gaur, Blackbuck, Thamin Deer, Sloth Bear, Malayan Sun Bear, Several Pheasants, Crocodiles, Green Iguana, and many more! It has a reptile tunnel and also a wild safari !

8. Ramoji film city.

Ramoji film citySourceFlickr

A 2000 acre place – the largest integrated film city in the world! On the next trip to Hyderabad, go on a nice long drive to this film city that’s located on the outskirts and have a fun filled weekend! Take a stroll in some movie settings and they have their own theme park, adventure zones, and events/carnivals happening all the time!

9. Shilparamam.


Shilparamam is an ethnic arts and crafts village that exhibits products made by super talented artisans! You can find toys, carpets, jewellery to sarees, clothes of different textiles! So if you are looking for buying something ethnic and regional – this is your place!

10. Numaish- Nampally!


Are you in Hyderabad during January and February?

Hyderabad holds an annual consumer exhibition at the beginning of the year for a stretch of 46 days (one of a kind event globally!) at a permanent venue! Clothes, carpets, accessories, utensils, food, games, rides and magic shows, you name it, it’s there!

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11. Irani Chai and Osmania Biscuits.

Irani chai osmania biscuitsSourceYoutube

If you are visiting Charminar (you HAVE to), it’s hard to miss the Nimrah Cafe and Bakery! And if you are in the cafe, you must try the Irani Chai with some osmania biscuits! Probably the best combination of food ever and you cannot get enough of it!

12. Biryani! *omnomnom*

Chicken Biryani Vizag AlphaSourceSouth Report

Biryani is simply Hyderabad on a plate!If you live in Hyderabad, you get to eat authentic biryani whenever you want! A blend of Mughlai and Iranian cuisines that originated during the Nizam’s rule, it definitely is a dish that defines Hyderabad!

13. Crunch time – Karachi Bakery!


With its expanding branches in the city, Karachi bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Hyderabad that is famous for its fruit biscuits, dil kush and plum cake! Its a yummy stop and you must pack some crunchies for yourself if you’re in Hyderabad

14. IMAX.



Hyderabad’s very own Prasad’s IMAX screen is the second largest in the world. Watching a movie on that screen is something every person must experience!

15. Palaces

jehanuma palace

If you want to walk through halls decked with grand crystal chandeliers and huge lawns, you’ve got quite some choice here in Hyderabad! Chowmahalla Palace, Falaknuma Palace, Paigah Palace and what not! You even get to dine in some!

Southie: Medha Muralidhar