15 Things that NRIs do on their India Trip.


1. As soon as they land, they start complaining about the Heat and Pollution.


No matter if they lived in Texas or California, they start complaining about the Heat in India.

2. Panic for the Traffic. That face they make when people Overtake and Squeeze in on Road.


3. The fake accent that comes with them.

giphy ranbir

4. Starts showing off with the Gadgets Starting from iphone, ipad to Fit bit.

giphy hrithik

The temporary phone from Mom or Sister pisses them off 😀

5. Starts booking Hotels and Domestic Flights for moving around.


Just $40 for flight to Goa.?!  How cheap 😀

6. Jet lag drama for a Week. One point reply for all the Laziness.

brahmanandam jet lag

7. Converting the Prices to Dollars and posing that its dead cheap.

giphy poser

8. Complaining about the rules and government. Starts comparing everything with US.


9. Complaints about Mosquitos and exaggerates as if its a Snake just bit them.

10. The Struggle of Tissues vs Water


11. Start complaining on visiting villages and relatives.



Look your son became NRI, he doesn’t want to come to our Village or meet our relatives.

12. Stray Dogs scare them now.!


How can they leave dogs on the road.?!

13. When Everybody talks at home, they complain of noise.!


14. Honking on the Roads make them go panic.

bala krishna Funny GIfs

15. Bottled Water. Strictly Bottled Water for Drinking.!