Student start up from Vijayawada creates solution for better waste collection.


Its not uncommon for entrepreneurs collaborating with governments to solve contemporary problems of our societies. Although we must say that India lagging behind a little in this culture, the trend is catching up quiet good. We are seeing entrepreneur clubs forming in every city and people coming up to spread this idea of being your own boss and success stories of startups like, Flipkart, YourStory, RedBus and Paytm is fueling up this movement real good.
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So, taking inspiration from these works two engineers from Vijayawada Sainath Devulapalli and Chaitanya Yalamanchili of Entrepreneurs Mingle India a  Vijayawada based local startup took the initiative of achieving a city with trash free reads and they developed a unconventional Trash dumper system accompanied by a hydraulic compressor that helps contain 150% to 200% more trash than the conventional trash bins for the same area, the first of it kind in India. The system is designed to stay underground and is provided with a dump door through which trash is dumped encouraging hygiene. The trash compaction mechanism ensures ease of maintenance required.

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As the story goes, this is a joint venture of Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) and Entrepreneurs Mingle India. The first prototype was installed at Alluri Seetha Rama Raju Bridge of Central Vijayawada and was inaugurated by Commissioner Veerapandiyan on 1st of October, 2015.

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South Report wishes the team a great success with their venture.