14 Things that South Indians absolutely can nail!


1. The Ayyo-moment.


Quite often we South Indians do the Ayyo-moment that no one else can get it right.

2. South Indian women can drape a Saree without a little imperfection.

SAREESource http://roof-of-the-world.deviantart.com/

Boo yeah. You can never see us feeling uncomfortable with a saree, handling it is an art.

3. Do not forget the long hair magic.


The all time favorite hair.

4. Lungi dance, lungi dance, lungi dance.


Yeah, remember how deepika made Kevin Spacey wear a lungi?

5. Dusky and beautiful! More than ever.

amala paulSourcewww.filmfare.com

Many people have this one stereotype that having dark skin doesn’t make someone look beautiful, No. Look at this.

6. We are mini Wikipedia. Majority of graduates and scientists from India come from South India.

winkSource Giphy

Hey do you kn..
Yes, A black hole is a geometrically defined region of spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effects that nothing—including particles and electromagnetic radiation such as light—can escape from inside it.

7. Rocking the ‘bindi’ like no one else.


As most North Indians think putting a bindi on your forehead is being married. That’s a no, no. It’s a tradition in South India.

8. Hard work is our power.


We are both smart and hard workers, and we do whatever you give with utter perfection.

9. The food we make will make you go om nom nom.


Dosa, Idly, Puttu , Idiyappam, Sambar, Chicken curry, Pulihora, laddu aaaand the list goes on.

10. Our vocabulary is splendind and we are not showing off.


Oh yes, the strenuousness of the situation is very towering.

11. No one can be a better fan of Rajni Kanth than us.


Andhra-ites, Tamilians, Keralites or Kannadigas we are all fans of Thalaiva.


12. South Indian weddings are feast for eyes!

south weddingSourcescoopwhoop.com

Take out any South Indian wedding album and you’ll find colorful things floating all around. The kumkum, the Poojari, those flowers, literally everything.


13. We die for our culture!



We love to do our traditional dances, be it Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi or any of the folk dances.

14. Hotness. South Indian heroes are more than hot.


Dulquar Salman.. Mahesh babu….. Arya… *starry eyes*

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Southie: Priyanka Kolluru

Cover Image Source: Shloka Vaidialingam