25 South Indian Dishes That You Must Try.



Food weighs a lot of importance in a traveller’s  journey. It not only distinguishes and represents a culture, but also reflects one’s personality, lifestyle, and socio-economic status. India is made up of every kind of culture and custom.

Food delicacies in India are vast and when you come down to South, You will be drenched in a pool of finger-licking dishes which you should try at-least once when you are down South..!!


Andhra Pradesh 

South Indian dishes come out with different tastes and different preparations.But when it comes to Andhra Pradesh, they are too spicy and unique because this state produces India’s Rarest forms of Red Chillis.!

5. Gutti Vankaaya Koora.

Gutti VankaayaSourceFlickr

Gutti Vankaya Kura (Eggplant Gravy), which is a tangy and spicy brinjal gravy is typically cooked in Andhra homes and is recommended if you are in these places, as well as the Bendakaya Masala (Okra or Lady Fingers), both of which are also a part of the South Indian Veg Platter.

4. Raagi Sangati.


If you are in for trying the authentic stuff, try the Ragi Sangati, or a Ragi ball with Naatu Kodi Koora (Andhra Style Chicken Curry) that is typical of the Rayalaseema region.

3. Chepala Pulusu.

Chepala PulusuSourceFlickr

Chepala Pulusu is a typical fish curry which is prepared by using 7-8 spices and the extract of tamarind.It is very tangy and it is mostly recommended if you are in Vishakapatnam or any other Coastal regions in Andhra Pradesh.!

2. Ooragaaya.

Let’s make it simple Uhh-ra-gaa-ya.


These are the pickles which are available in wide range of varities and also with a combination of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian stuff.They include Raw Mango,Ginger,Chicken,Prawns;etc.

They are World famous and are form this region.Ask your Andhra Room-mates in Hostels, if you’re from another state.!!!

1. Ulavacharu Biryani.

Ulavacharu BiryaniSourceFlickr

If it’s Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani for Telangana..

It’s Ulavacharu Biryani for Andhra B|

Made from Horsegram’s extract.

Vijayawada..You’re Legendary in this stuff.!!


5. Hyderabadi Chicken Dum Biryani.

And as always,Top on the chart,It’s the mesmerizing,authentic,spicy HYDERABADI CHICKEN DUM BIRYANI .

Hyb Chicken BiryaniSourceFlickr

Much description isn’t required.You Know that it’s the best,!

Bawarchi and Paradise are world famous..

4. Sakinalu.


Evening Snack from Karimnagar and Medak.

3. Jonna Rotte.

Jonna RotteSourceFlickr

Jowar Roti,to make it simple.

Gives Immunity and Strength.

2. Munta Masala.

Munta MasalaSourceFlickr

Munta Masala is a typical type of a South Indian Bhel puri.!

Try it out in every damn place in Hyderabad and it still stays best.!!

1. Osmania Biscuit and Irani Chai.

Irani ChaiSourceFlickr

Ask the Old City Folks..! xD

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu provides authentic South Indian Treasure.

Breakfast is heavenly in this part of India. It’s Cuisine differs from different regions too.

5. Halwa.

Tirunelveli HalwaSourceEbay

When it comes to Halwa in South India,the best place is Tirunelveli.!

4. Poricha Parota.


Poricha Parota is a crisper version of the Stereotype Parota.

Try this in Virudunagar.

3. Kushbu Idli.

Kushbu IdliSourceFlickr

A puffer type Idli- Owes its name of the yester-year tinsel town actress,Kushbu who’s a bit plump.!

Kanchipuram..It is.!

2. Degree Coffee.

Degree CoffeeSourceFlickr

Enough Said.!

Kumbakonam,the heavenely slurp.

1. Chettinad Chicken.

Chettinad ChickenSourceFlickr

No description required.!

Karaikudi and Chennai,The Places.


Welcome to Mallu-land.! The Kitchen of Coconuts and Sea food.!

5. Puttu and Kadala Curry.

Puttu and Kadala CurrySourceFlickr

Chickpeas Curry and Steamed Rice with Coconut shavings.

Steamed with best perfection in Kannur.!

4. Kerala Style Fish Molee.

Fish MoleeSourceFlickr

Fish and Keralaites. What more you can say about this one.!?

All over the Place

3. Kallumakkaya Ularthiyath.

Spell this.! xD

Kerala Mussels FrySourceFlickr

This is cooked in Shallots, Garlic,  Chillies, Turmeric, Garam masala and a heavy dose of grated coconut.

Alleppy take a bow.!

2. Malabar Parotta.

Malabar ParottaSourceFlickr

I mean, really? Does not get more delicious than this.

The Nook and Corner of the State.

1. Chicken Stew with Appams.

Chicken Stew with AppamSourceFlickr

How can you ever forget Appams.?

Palakkad,Malappuram,Kochi serve you this delicious delight the best.


The Land of South Indian Breakfast.

5. Vaangi Bath.

Vaangi BaathSourceFlickr

Take this Eggplant and Mixed Vegetable Spicy Rice; and you will go to the merry little world

P.S – Hubli, I Love You for this.

4. Benne Dosa.

Benne DosaSourceFlickr

Butter Dosa and the list goes on..

Udupi’s heavenely Crunch.

3. Mysore Pak.

Mysore PakSourceFlickr

This sweet is heavenely.

Name itself tells.!

2. Bisibele Bath.

Bisibele BathSourceFlickr

First dish that comes to our mind ; when we say “Karnataka”.

Mixture of Sambhar-like rice with all veggies.!

1. Akki Rotti.

Akki RottiSourceFlickr

Akki roti with Ellu pajji is a classic breakfast dish among Kodava food recipes.

Western and Northern Karnataka’s B.E.S.T

Next time..make sure you eat this Mouth watering Dishes ; if you are travelling to any one of these places.!!