Reasons on why Goa can be considered as the 6th South Indian State.


Goa is stuffed between Maharashtra in the Northern Side hemispherical region and Karnataka in its Southern hemispherical region making it the smallest state on the South Western side of India.

Many controversial discussions whether Goa can be considered as an Western Indian State or the South Indian State.

With the mere confusion of Maharashtra and Karnataka; we bring you a perception of how Goa can be considered as a South Indian State with some unbiased facts to prove our arguement.!

We are not stressing the fact that it “Must be” or “Should be” a South Indian state; but we came across penning down certain similarities and nearness the the customs and heritage of South Indian culture.



There are two districts in Goa.

  • North Goa.
  • South Goa.

South Goa which is heading towards Karnataka has an area of 1966 sq km; while the North Goa has a merely near space of 1736 sq km.

So..This can be our first arguement..!!


Chavundaraya(Konkani Line)SourceWiki

Yes, here comes a little twisted problem, Konkani being an Indo-Aryan Language and not a Dravidian Language,but Konkani has more similarities between the Coastal Karnatic Slang and Kannada phrases.

There has been always sibling rivalry amongst Konkanis and the Marathis.  The Marathis have condemned Konkani as,  a branch of Marathi; it has neither script nor literature; it is not a language.

But, history has established that even when Konkani language had reached maturity, the Marathi language was not even born; even thought they follow the Devnagari script.

Kokani and Kannada have many phrases and words very similar,than any of the other languages in South India have.!

So..this point makes our arguement a little strong as far our research is carried out.!!

3.Cultural Connection

Ghode ModniSourceLuxury Villas in Goa

Festivals celebrated in Uttara Kannara region(Karnataka) and Goa share almost the same cultures.!

For example: Shigmo; the spring festival and Ghode Modni,Fugdi; a dance form performed during Ganesh Chaturthi are both being performed in Goa; as well as the Northern part of Karntaka.

Cultures are prevailing a long time in India and at the end of the day they are meant to be shared.!


Goan FoodSourceFlickr

Food without Fish in Goa is incomplete and the same applies to all the coastal regions in India.

But without complaining; Kerala and Goan Cuisine are with more in common.!

Not much explanation is required about Food.! Goan cuisine; has Maharastrain touch and Konkani Bliss and a whole of Spices and Coconut which gives its South Indian Punch.!

And then you feel a lot South-issh.!!



Well Speaking about Architecture..

This is all done by Portugese. Pondicherry and Goa share equal similarities in Churches,Convents and layouts of the City.

We don’t believe that this point alone would make Goa to be dragged in South Indian Map..But it is a minute arguemental point which we had to include.!

Finally,Our team thinks and pens down another key fact of why Goa should be considered as South Indian.?

6.Pondicherry Factor


Yes, Pondicherry (now Puducherry) is a Union Territory from South India; Which is divided into three constituent parts in different states of India.

  • Karaikal, Tamil Nadu
  • Mahe, Kerala
  • Yanam, Andhra Pradesh

Pondicherry is stuffed into Tamil Nadu and a majority of the population speak Tamil, but Pondi is considered as a place in Tamil Nadu by most of the Southies since the place is filled with a lot of Tamil Population.!

We can’t appeal that Goa belongs to Karnataka or even Maharastra but we have a chance to prove our stats and facts right in considering as a South Indian State.!

DudhsagarSourceTrippinonline/Samson-Joseph Photography

At last..! We tried to show you people the facts which we can prove Goa to be considered as a South India State.

We plead our readers that we are not protesting or demanding Goa to be a Southie…But we just want to bring you our intentions and perceptions with a slicing of common man’s ideas.!

  After all..

We live to be Indians and die for the same.!!