13 facts about the amazing Puri Jagannath Temple.


1. It it observed that the flag located at the top the temple dome always waves in the opposite direction of air flow.

chakra puri



2. A ritual older than many civilizations.

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A priest climbs the dome of the temple which stands as tall as a 45 story building and changes the flag everyday Since 1800 years as a part of a ritual. If it is not changed any day, the temple must be shut for the next 18 years.

3.  The colossal Chakra.


The Sudarshan Chakra standing at the top of temple is 20 feet in height and weights a ton. It said to be visible from every corner of the city and it is installed in such a way that it makes you feel that it is facing toward you irrespective of the place you are in.

4. Nobody knows the technique of how the Chakra was installed.



fun fact:  The chakra was brought all way up and installed on the gopuram 2000 years ago. The engineering techniques used at that time still remain as a mystery today.

5. The Sea.

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Take any place on earth, on daytime the breeze from sea comes to land and the opposite occurs in the evening but In Puri it is observed to be just the reverse.

6. Nothing flies above the temple. Absolutely nothing!

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It is a surprise that nothing flies above the temple. No planes, not even birds. There is no scientific explanation for this yet.

7. An engineering marvel.


The temple is constructed in such a way that the shadow of the main dome of the temple cannot be observed at any given time.

8. The mystery of the Prasadam.


There’s one saying about the prasadam served in the temple. The count of devotees visiting the temple varies from 2000 to 20,00000 depending on the day but the quantity of Prasadam cooked in the temple remains exactly the same throughout the year any given day yet none of it goes insufficient or wasted.

9. The Prasadam.


The prasadam is cooked in pots using firewood. Exactly 7 pots are put one on top of another. Surprisingly, the top most pot is cooked first followed by the bottom pots in order.

10. The mystery of the Simhadwaram.


There is a ocean near the temple. When you’re entering the Simhadwaram (The main door) of the temple you can clearly hear sound of the ocean, now once you passed the Simhadwaram just take a turn and walk back in the same direction you came. You cannot hear the ocean until you come out of the temple.

11. The Annual Chariot Festival.

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There is a annual Chariot Festival held at Puri and it is performed with 2 sets of chariots (3 in each set). As there is a river flowing in between the Jagannatha Temple and Mausi Maa temple, the first set of chariots used to bring the deity’s to the river and then the deity’s will be ferried across the river using 3wooden boats and are then placed in the second set of chariots to reach the Mausi Maa temple.

12. The present day structure of the temple is very different from the it’s initial design.


Present day structure of Sri Janagnnath Temple Puri is very different from the the initial design of the temple. The main temple was first constructed by the Chola kings and the Meghanada Pacheri, Mukha sala, Nata Mandapa and other assets of the Temple were later constructed by other rulers ruling the area in later times.


13. The idols are changed every year.


The old idols of the deity’s are buried on one another and it is said that they disintegrate on their own.