Before the 2014 elections, Narendra Modi said he held a Bachelors of Arts degree from Delhi University (1978), and a Master’s degree from Gujarat University (1983). But recently, Arvind Kejriwal wrote a letter to the Central Information Commission (CIC), asking for details about Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications. The Narendra Modi degree issue is perhaps the hottest topic that is going on right now and South Report presents a timeline infographic about the issue.

Narendra Modi Degree

But it is sad that a leader of Narendra Modi’s stature has to respond to such irrational and unnecessary demands. And another point to be taken into perspective here is that if the twitter accounts of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and Narendra Modi are to glanced through for the last week; it can be observed that Arvind Kejriwal is obsessively tweeting only about Narendra Modi’s educational qualifications and at the same time, Modi has travelled across the country and held various meetings and performed many activities of national importance, in the very same week. This clearly shows who a true leader is…

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