Mr. CHANDRA BABU NAIDU – You do ‘NOT’ deserve Andhra Pradesh!



Hello people!

It took me quite a bit of research to get my facts right for this. Keeping in mind the sensitivity of the issue, I didn’t want to go behind bars – haha. Well, so before I start off with anything, to those of you who are finding this Greek and Latin, here are a few things you need to know –

# ANDHRA PRADESH is India’s eighth largest state, on the country’s southeastern coast. (This was where MOM was launched. 🙂 – rings a bell now?)

# VIJAYAWADA is the state’s de facto capital, after the separation of TELANGANA State.

# CHANDRA BABU NAIDU is the state’s Chief Minister; and the president of the ruling party, TELUGU DESAM PARTY (T.D.P).

And now, I’m addressing Mr. Naidu. Sir, you do NOT deserve the state.

NO! NO! NO! A very big N-O! Here’s why –


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1)  He was the state’s youngest assembly member and youngest minister at 28.

He was a student leader in Chandragiri, near Tirupati; after which he was appointed as the ‘technical education and cinematography minister’ in Tanguturi Anjaiah’s government. He was in the INC cabinet back then.

P.S, It was then that he got in touch with N.T.Rama Rao, popularly known as N.T.R, a renowned film star in Telugu Cinema; after which he married N.T.R’s second daughter, Bhuvaneswari.


2) He rallied the TDP MLA’s together, and paraded them before the PRESIDENT of India.

In August 1984, when Nadendla Bhaskara Rao staged a coup against NTR, this is what Chandra Babu did. #Salute!

It was after this that NTR was reinstated as the State’s Chief Minister, 31 days later.

With this, Chandra Babu Naidu was made General Secretary of the party.


3) He was Andhra Pradesh’s longest serving Chief Minister from 1995-2004 (over nine years).

From September 1, 1995 to May 14, 2004 – he was in office for 3378 days.


4) He was named “SOUTH ASIAN OF THE YEAR” by the TIME Magazine, USA.

Aparisim Ghosh of the magazine commented, “In just five years, he has turned an impoverished, rural backwater place into India’s new information-technology hub”.

He raised power tariffs and slashed food subsidies.


5) He was described as one of the “hidden seven working wonders” around the world.

This was done by Profit (Oracle Corporation’s monthly magazine).



He initiated ‘Women Self Help Movement’ in Rural Andhra Pradesh and propagated it to the World Dignitaries.

He has supported various SHG’s in the past. His wife, Bhuvaneswari started a venture titled “HERITAGE FOODS” with a meagre 4 crore capital, which now has a turnover of over 2,000 crores.

Good enough testimony, eh? 🙂 


7) He asked the rural people to work and contribute towards SHG’s, and did not promise FREE amenities.

(Again your fault, Mr. Naidu! Asking them to work was a mistake. You should have implemented SCHEMES that would have enabled a lot of CORRUPT people to get their share of money, like the Aarogya Sri. That’s what people like – CORRUPTION 🙂 )

Velugu, a programme introduced in six districts, aided by $111 million from the World Bank, provided additional funds, enabling SHGs to hire skilled people instead of being dependent on free services from NGOs.

This took empowerment one step further. Velugu also financed a Community Investment Fund for small local infrastructure.


8) He is why the “Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad” is Asia-Pacific’s Best Airport (and) the World’s 5th Best Airport.

This Awesome project not only took off Hyderabad to amazing heights, but also boosted GVK and GMR- both Hyderabad based Indian companies, to an International level for building airports for countries like Turkey, Indonesia and Maldives.

The Delhi Airport also tied up with GMR to build a modern Terminal (Terminal-3), while the Mumbai and Bangalore Airports tied up with GVK to modernize their airports by implementing Hyderabad airport’s standards and model.

The documents always had the name as “Nandamuri Taraka Rama Rao International Airport”, which was changed to “Rajiv Gandhi International Airport” by Y.S.Raja Shekar Reddy, the CM of the state when the Airport was all ready.


9) He made Hyderabad the “Technical Hub” of India.

He invited dignitaries like Bill Clinton (President of the United States, back then) and Tony Blair (Prime Minister of UK, at that time) to Hyderabad, and also beckoned global IT companies like Oracle, Deloitte, Dell and IBM to invest in his state.

To top it all, he coined the slogan, “Bye bye Bangalore, Hello Hyderabad” to further his aim. Haha! Talk of STYLE and ELAN.

You might want to see the developed HiTech City of Hyderabad.


10) He has won numerous awards and accolades for his development strategies as the Chief Minister.

Some of which include –

IT Indian of the Millennium’ from India Today,

Business Person of the Year by The Economic Times,

South Asian of the Year from Time Asia (and)

Membership in the World Economic Forum’s Dream Cabinet.


11) He went out of his way to extend support to the HUDHUD victims in Visakhapatnam.

# Promised to restore power in three days

# Reprimanded the sale of goods at exorbitant prices (A 1 litre mineral water bottle was sold for 90 bucks – #true story)

# Stayed in Vizag and slogged for the city’s relief for FIVE days

# Gave free ration and reduced Vegetable and Milk Prices

# Gifted one lakh trees to counter the deforestation that the cyclone had caused and also cancelled cracker licenses

# Summoned Telecommunication Operators to establish networks and lines, so that victims could communicate with their loved ones.

# Announced Rs.5 Lakh for victims and Rs.1 Lakh to the injured

and the list goes on.


12) Planning to implement CHICAGO and SINGAPORE’s Architecture while rebuilding the capital in Vijayawada.

Okay, so, if you’re an architecture freak, you’d have heard tales about Chicago and Singapore and their age-old history with beautiful buildings.

The idea is that they will build skyscrapers in the Chicago or Singapore’s style, in the shape of the three letters NTR or the 13 letters of Andhra Pradesh, along both the sides of River Krishna.

Mr.Naidu also had talks concerning this matter with Singapore Ex-Prime Minister, Chalk Tang, on September 8th.


13) He introduced the “Victory” signature wave.

Okay now, this is S-W-A-G! 😀

I’m the biggest fan of the “V” wave.

Now, this man has some attitude, okay! Kudos, Mr. Naidu !


So, yeah, Mr. Chandra Babu Naidu – “You do NOT deserve Andhra Pradesh”.

I have NO idea why you weren’t re-elected as the Chief Minister in 2005, and I guess I don’t even want to know.

I don’t even know if you’ll win the 2019 election, but all said and done – You do NOT deserve Andhra Pradesh, Sir. It doesn’t!

I take this opportunity to SALUTE you for the phenomenal work you’ve been doing all these years. I admire you for your thought behind “Vision 2020″ and for the revolutionary leader that you are. RESPECT, Sir.




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