Lalu: Modi took oath during inauspicious time and that’s why we have problems


Politicians saying/doing some ridiculous thing or the other is a common thing but no one can beat Lalu Prasad Yadav, the Rashtriya Janata Dal leader. While he is well known for his statements that make anyone go WTF, his late statement beats everything else.

In Patna on Sunday, he said “PM Modi ne ashubh samay me shapath liya. Isliye desh me aapda ki bharmar ho gayi hai. (PM Modi took oath at an inauspicious time leading to increase in number of disasters in the country).” But as to what disasters he spoke about is unknown.

Later, he also spoke about the increase in the incidents of fire and shortage of potable water due to increasing temperature that singed the entire state, Prasad suggested that yagna, havan, should be postponed till the weather becomes favourable as it has been witnessed that sparks emanating from yagna and havan could be the source of fire.

And he added asking people to be cautious enough so that fire did not break in their houses and also said – without any connection- that four to six wells should be dug in every village keeping in mind the problems being faced by people for getting drinking water.

Just one question… WHAT?