15 Facts about the Indian Air Force that will make you feel Proud.


The Indian air force is one of the strongest arms of the Indian Armed Forces which guards our country’s skies and its interests.

Did you know that the IAF is also known as the Bhartiya Vayu Sena and that it had its inception in the year 1932, when it was just 25 soldiers strong? Lets take a look at how big and powerful the IAF has grown since.

1. Fourth largest air force in the world.


The IAF is the 4th largest and 7th strongest air force in the world, with 1.7 lakh personnel and 1500 air crafts and 2 Air Craft Carriers.

2. Its motto : Nabha Sparsham Deeptham.


Its motto “Nabha Sparsham Deeptham” is taken from the eleventh chapter of the Gita which means ” Touch the Sky with Glory”.

3. Unaparalled strength.


The Sukhoi Su-30MKI, IAF’s frontline fighter jet, stands amongst the most elite and sophisticated fighter jets like the Eurofighter Typhoon, Dassault Rafale and USAF’s F-Series of fighters.

4. 60 Air bases in India.


There are a total of 60 air force bases, divided into 7 commands in the country and still growing.

5. Siachen glacier is the highest Indian air force base.

Siachen GlacierSourceBBC

At 22,000 ft (or 6,706 m), Siachen Glacier AFS is the highest Air Force Station of the IAF, and serves as a tactical advantage.


6. The IAF was known as the Royal Indian Air force from 1945-1950


King George 6 conferred the prefix ‘royal’ to the IAF in the year 1945, when India became a republic the prefix was dropped.

7.  AFnet, The Super Secure Intranet.


The IAF manages Air Force Network (AFNet), a state-of-the-art, fully secure and reliable network (Intranet).

8. The Garud Commando Force.


The Garud commando force is the special forces unit of the IAF. It was formed in the year 2004, and is tasked with the protection of the air force bases on the ground.

9.  The HF24 Marut is the first contribution to the IAF by HAL.


HAL is currently the largest defense firm in public sector. The company also is the proud owner of the first ever military aircraft in south Asia and also manufacturing the HF-24 Marut, the first fighter bomber made in India.

10. A place where true heroes are born.


Nirmal Jit Singh was awarded posthumously for his act of conspicuous gallantry in the 1971 Indo-Pak War. He is the only ofiicer from the IAF to be honoured with the Param Vir Chakra.


11. The AF Museum based out in Delhi is a must visit.


The museum dedicated to the IAF in Palam, Delhi is a must visit.

12. Tajikistan : Indian Air Base outside India.

MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE, Idaho -- An Indian Air Force SU-30K jet touches down at Mountain Home Air Force Base, along with seven others, to train with Airmen here July 17. This is the first time in history the Indian Air Force has been on American soil to train with US fighters. They will be taking advantage of Mountain Home's vast air space and multiple ranges to better prepare their aircrews for future flying missions. (U.S. Air Force photo/ Airman 1st Class Ryan Crane) (Released by Staff Sgt. Brian Stives, 366th Fighter Wing Public Affairs Office)


13. IAF: Guardians of the sky.


Guardians of the sky, is an Android game made by the IAF to inspire people to join the IAF.

14.The IAF is the only air force that operates C-17 Globemaster III, C-130J Super Hercules, and Il-76 – the three largest transport aircrafts.


They are the biggest and baddest boys in town.

15. Indegeniously built HAL’s light combat helicopter will be in service by December 2015.


The ingeniously built HAL light combat helicopter will be in service to the Indian govt by December 2015.

Indian Air Force is a Proud Force of the Nation guarding our skies and making us stand as 4th Strongest Nation in terms of Armed Forces.

Salute to the Indian Air Force. Touch the Sky with Glory.  Jai Hind.