A Pakistani hacks a Indian website, Indian hackers reply him by hacking 120 Pakistani websites.


A Pakistani hacker going by the name of  Faisal1337 hacked a Kerala government’s official website and posted a picture of a burning Indian flag with a statement saying “security is just an illusion”.

Within a few hours, a group of hackers going by the name of  “The mallu cyber soldiers” replied him by hacking 120 Pakistani government related websites.

This is not the first time the hack wars between India and Pakistan suufaced, back in 2014 the same Pakistani hacker hacked Malayalam actor Mohanlal’s website and got it back when the same Indian hacker group who hacked Pakistan’s government websites posting pictures of Mohanlal on them, they were also able to track his official FB page and his identity.  It turns out that his name is Faizal Afzal and he has been hacking into government websites since 2014 out of habit.

The Identities of the mallu cyber soldiers is unknown but it was revealed that they were supported by other groups like New World Hacktivists, Hell Shield Hackers and Interanon etc.