Hyderabad ranks 3rd in the most noisiest cities in India!


Hyderabadis are known for being loud and this reflects the city as a whole now, in a report by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). According to the report, Hyderabad is the third nosiest metro in India after Mumbai and Lucknow.

By installing the 35 noise monitoring systems in nine metro cities in India for the period of 2011-14, the CPCB has released a report ‘Status of ambient noise levels in India’, after compiling the recorded noise levels at these metro cities in India.

CPCB has installed the noise monitoring systems in Hyderabad at different areas across the city; categorising the areas into different zones – industrial, commercial, residential and silence zones. The two commercial zones, Abids and Punjagutta recorded the highest noise levels while the residential area – Jubilee Hills and the industrial area Jeedimetla also recorded abnormally high noise levels. What was surprising was the fact that the silence zone, near the zoo also recorded alarmingly high noise levels.

After analyzing the data for four years, it was found that Hyderabad had the third highest noise levels in the country, going beyond the prescribed standards.

According to CPCB report, Chennai stood fifth in violations of noise level standards after Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad and New Delhi. In the same period, Bengaluru and Kolkata has the least number of violations.

After the report given by the CPCB, a traffic official said, “Noise pollution control is always there in our agenda and we are trying to finding out ways. Apart from educating the people, we are planing to enforce the fine system on those who violates the prescribed limit”.