15 Highlights That You Need To Know About Krishna Pushkaralu


Krishna Pushkaralu 2016 was a mega event and the way Andhra Pradesh government handled it, is just mind blowing. From extensive security and safety facilities to convenient logistics, it was all taken care of. Here’s a look at some highlights about it.

1. Just as expected, a total of 2 crore people took the holy dip at the Krishna Pushkaralu.

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2. On a stretch of 12kms, a total of 170 ghats have been laid specifically for Pushkaralu.

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3. There were a police force of 31,400 all the time to ensure a smooth conduct.

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4. A massive 98,000 workers were deployed just to keep the ghats clean and hygienic.

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5. A highly sophisticated command and control center, equipped with 1400 CCTV cameras was used to monitor and respond to contingency situations.

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6. For better convenience, 51 Pushkar nagars, that can host thousands of pilgrims at once, were installed.

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7. A total of 547 DWCRA stalls were deployed at various ghats across the Krishna and Guntur districts enabling DWCRA women to sell their products to a large market.

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8. With the help of TTD and Akshyapatra foundation, the government served free and hygienic food to 3 lakh pilgrims every day.

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9. The government ensured the delivery of 24×7 medical services and offered 188 types of medicines for free at all the ghats.

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10. 700 free buses were deployed and operated to carry passengers to the ghats.

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11. The Krishnamma mobile app has been launched for better convenience of the pilgrims.

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12. A helicopter ride facility has also been added to the list of facilities at Krishna Pushkaralu.

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13. Water sports are installed at the Punnami ghat to add a fun element to the mega event.

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14. There have been some touching incidents of the police officials restoring faith in humanity.

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15. Kala Jathas, traditional art forms, Kuchipudi dance performances with around 100 artistes, music recitals and torch rallies added more beauty to magnificence of the 12-day mega event.

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