These images of Godavari Pushkaralu are not to be missed.


Godavari river has it uniqueness be it from the perspective of cultural  or from the perspective of beauty. The recent Godavari Pushkaralu proved this statement right. Lakhs of people traveled to take a holy dip making the festival a success. Here are a few pictures of Godavari from the Godavari Pushkaralu.

1. The beautiful farms of Godavari.

godavari fields


2. This is how the Pushkar Ghat looks like during the festival.

Godavari Haarathi


3. The life gaurd boats at the Pushkar ghats.

Pushkar ghatSource


4. The Godavari Harathi. Such an amazing view!

Godavari Haarathi2


5. A closer look at the Harathi.

Godavari Haarathi 3


6. People enjoying the Godavari Harathi!

People at pushkaram3

7. The Gowthami express.

Gowthami express


8. Looks magnificent, isn’t it? !

Godavari pushkaralu 2015


9. The boat rides are the best part of your Godavari experience. Never miss them.

Godavari pushkaralu 2015


10. The lifeboats arranged by the government to assist people.

Rajahmundry Ghats


11. The Asia’s largest road cum rail bridge on the beautiful Godavari.

Rajahmundry Bridge


12. This is such a beautiful view!

Rajahmundry Railway Bridge
13. The Maha Lingam of Rajamahendravaram.

Shiva lingam rajahmundry


14. The Pilgrims worshipping the holy river of Godavari.



Picture credits: Prudhvi Chowdary.