Fun Fact: British spies might be hacking your smartphone right now, Say Hi to them :D


In a recent interview with BBC Edward Snowden said that British spies have the tech to hack into any smartphone remotely irrespective of its location with just a text message and control the device to their wish and there is “Very little” you can do about it.

He also revealed that Britain Government communications headquarters (GCHQ) is , for all of its intents and purposes, a subsidiary of its American counterpart N.S.A.

He claimed that GCHQ uses a  series of inception tools collectively called “Smurf suite”  named after the famous Smurfs cartoon (Sounds silly but true). The suite currently contains 4 tools that accomplish 4 different functions which are as named below.

  • Dreamy smurf : Capable of turning your phone ON and OFF.


  • Nosey smurf : Lets GCHQ access your microphone even when your phone is switched off.


  • Tracker smurf : A Geo location tool which allows  CGHQ to follow you with greater precision that you would normally get from your telephone operator.


  • Paranoid smurf : A stealth tool allows CGHQ to discretely carry their hack. Your phone looks & functions normal while the hack is running in the background. So, it basically stop you from recognizing the hack.

The British government declined to make any comments on this issue as for now.

Its funny how the thin line between SECURITY and PRIVACY is starting do disappear in this era of smartphones. Time to go back to my good old Nokia 3310.


You can watch the full interview here.





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