11 Facts you should know about the International Yoga Day.


1. India proposed this in United Nations.

On December 11, 2014, the United Nations adopted a resolution started by India, declaring June 21 as ‘International Day of Yoga’ .


2. Proposal to Implementation in Least time ever.

It is also for the first time that such an initiative has been proposed and implemented by any country in the UN body in less than 90 days.


3. The support of the entire world

More than 177 countries supported International Day of Yoga whereas 175 countries are co-sponsoring the resolution, which is the highest number of
co-sponsor in any United National General Assembly resolutions of this kind.



4. The date has special significance

International Yoga Day is being celebrated on June 21st, which is the Summer Solstice, the longest day in many parts of the world with special


5. So does the logo !

The Logo of the International Day of Yoga reflects harmony and peace for humanity, which is the essence of Yoga.


6.When an entire nation will practice yoga at the same time .

On June 21, the first International Yoga Day, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi will share his “oneness” experience with 45,000 government
employees, students and citizens on the ceremonial Rajpath boulevard.


7.It will be in the Guinness Book !

The event has been registered as an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records, under ‘largest yoga demonstration (45,000) at a single venue’ and will be officially confirmed after the event.



8.From Pakistan to Russia to USA, Yoga goes international !

More than 100 cities in United States of America will host a ‘Yogathon’ on International Yoga Day. The event has found takers throughout the world , right from Russia to Germany to the USA. Here is a detailed list .


9. The event will see a nationwide participation

The participants include different groups of people, both active and passive participants. Government employees and the armed forces are also taking part in it.


10. Make in India takes Yoga to a global platform.

The event is also bolstered with Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign, which states that Yoga is one of India’s biggest exports.


11. Yoga – not just an activity , but a lifestyle choice.

Yoga is being seen as something that promotes health and peace of mind, and is being actively encouraged as a part of one’s lifestyle.Yoga is the 5,000-year-old Indian physical, mental and spiritual practice that aim to transform body and mind.