Cafés in Hyderabad

12 Cafés in Hyderabad which are not so famous but too fabulous.


We all love to cut some time off our busy schedule and spend at a lovely café at the evenings. If you are not from Hyderabad and shifting to this place for college, this is an article you would want to check out.  We present you the most beautiful and fun places in Hyderabad which you can chose to go on a weekend and hit the floor, have a conversation with an old friend or hangout with your gang!

1. Hyderabad Times Café .

Hyd times cafeSource: Facebook

This place has a really good ambiance. The food could be rated as 4/5. They have the best ice teas and an open air rooftop lounge which makes it super special on a cool weather day. One of the coolest cafés in Hyderabad.

Place: Jubilee hills.
Price Range: Rs.850 for two people (approx).

2. 11th Street Café.

cafe 2SourceFB

Are you not from Hyderabad and feeling home sick? Then this place is for you, it feels like home having a coffee at this cafe. The special attraction of this place is they have campfire every once in a while, don’t you want to enjoy an evening with a campfire? Go take an auto.

Place : Banjara Hills.
Price Range: Rs 650 for two people (approx).

3. The Coffee Club.

Cafés in HyderabadSource: Facebook

All tired and pretty low on budget? This place has got delicious food for low prices, free Wi-Fi and the interiors are so good that you’ll stay watching them all day! And it surely is one of the affordable cafés in Hyderabad. Who’s up for a coffee here?

Place: Somajiguda.
Price Range: Rs. 700 for two people (approx).

4. The Gallery Café.

Cafés in HyderabadSource: Facebook

So, are you an artsy person? Do you fall for incredible sketches? Do you doodle a lot when you are in class *winks*. Then this place is waiting for your presence. As the name suggests, it has art all around it. They have amazing guitar sessions going on while you sip your coffee and make your own masterpiece. Ah what a feel!

Place: Banjara Hills.
Price Range: Rs. 700 for two people (approx).

5. Olive Bistro.

Cafés in HyderabadSource: Facebook

This place has a lovely Mediterranean ambience and the best food. Best place for family and friends, if you are searching for such cafés in Hyderabad.

Place: Jubilee Hills.
Price Range: Rs. 1500 for two people (approx).

6. Heart Cup Coffee.

CAFE6Source: Facebook

They have great collections of coffee and music going all over. It’s a place to tap your foot to some great music and best known for karaoke nights!

Place: Kondapur, Jubilee Hills
Price range: Rs. 1800 for two people (approx).

7. Komatose.

Cafés in HyderabadSource: Facebook

Komatose is one of the best night clubs to hit the floor! It has awesome DJ nights and booze.

Place: Gachibowli
Price Range: Rs 2000 for two people (approx).

8. The Coffee Cup.

CAFE 8Source: Facebook

A cozy place for you to spend some time for yourself, sometimes life just needs a little time for you to sit alone and just think, adding a little good vibe to it.

Place: Sainikpuri.
Price Range: Rs 400 for a single person ( approx).

9. Kaficko.

CAFE 9Source: Facebook

Kaficko is a European, Thai, Japanese restaurant. Whenever you visit it, it’s no shock you’ll bump into a celebrity or two!

Place: Banjara Hills.
Price Range: Rs 1300 for two people (approx).

10. Beyond Coffee.

CAFE 10Source: Facebook

Beyond Coffee is not just a café but an art gallery, it bring art from all over India and the world. People can invest in the painting or just have the pleasure of watching them!

Place: Jubilee hills.
Price Range: Rs 850 for two people (approx).

11. Gravity Bistro.

CAFE 11Source: Facebook

This place has a great ambiance and it’s quite pocket friendly. The specialty is that it’s open from 9am to 4am. It is one of the best of Cafés in Hyderabad for those who are night owls.

Place: Banjara Hills.
Price Range: Rs 1200 for two people (approx).

12. Drunken Poets Café.

CAFE 12Source: Just Dial

As the name suggests this place is for writers and poets. It’s not exactly a café but a nice place to put your thoughts on paper, the ambience sure helps. It has special DJ parties and ladies nights going on once in a while!

Place: Kondapur.
Price Range: Rs 1300 for two persons (approx).

If you know any more places which are too good to hangout, you are all welcome to comment.

Southie: Priyanka Kolluru. 

Cover Image Source : Mr. Adrian Scottow’s Flickr