Duty over distress. Pranab Mukarjee returns to his duties just a few hours after his beloved wife’s demise.


First Lady Suvra Mukharjee left this world on Wednesday , her funeral was held at 10:30 AM and by 12:30 Mr.Pranab Mukharjee returned to his duties as the president of India.

president 2


His commitment to his job and his reputation of being a stern taskmaster is well known in his work circle and he stood up to the name despite his personal tragedy.

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After returning from Mrs. Mukarjee’s funeral, Mr. Mukharjee paid his tribute to Shankar Dayal Sharma, the 9th President of India on the ocassion of his birth anniversary. From there he moved on to recieve delegates from Pacific Islands who are visiting India to participate in the FICIP summit.

We can say this man does an astounding job at keeping his emotions in control.
Massive respect!

Picture courtesy :  President of India