Donate a Brick for Amaravathi, The People’s Capital. Be a part of the history in making.


Andhra Pradesh is building the people Capital, Amaravati which translates down to City of the Gods. It is the prestigious project of the Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu who was elected in the newly formed Andhra Pradesh state to build the state from scratch and make it economically developed.The biggest challenge of all. The capital is taking one big  step each day and finished the planning phase and entering the Construction phase.

Dussera, the most celebrated and auspicious day of India is choosen as the Shankustapana Day where Prime Minister Narendra Modi who promised to back the India’s most Latest capital to be India’s best is participating in the ceremony along with millions of people contributing in every way as it’s their new home and new hope being built.You can also be part of the once in a lifetime opportunity to be part of India’s latest capital construction. All you have to do is Donate a Brick. Donate a Brick was launched by CM Chandrababu Naidu to make people own the Capital and make Amaravati a People’s Capital.

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Be part of Amaravati Building, be part of the History in Making.