Cisco Has Partnered Up With Andhra Pradesh Government for Fiber Grid Project


The Fiber Grid project, which is the world’s cheapest internet service, was initiated by the Andhra Pradesh government in March this year. By employing several innovative hacks, costs were drastically cut down.

With the project nearing completion, an announcement from the the Andhra Pradesh CM’s facebook page said “I’m glad to share that Cisco Systems Inc. is part of this project and is laying 22,500 km broadband network in Andhra Pradesh.
We have signed an MoU with Cisco to this effect. Further, Cisco is also setting up an Internet of Everything (IoE) innovation centre in Visakhapatnam.”

The company will also invest in an advanced Technology Centre of Excellence and Research Lab at the Institute of Digital Technology (IDT) in Tirupati in Andhra Pradesh. The research lab will focus on cyber security, smart city and manufacturing solutions and will train graduate engineers in advanced digital technologies.

With the Fiber Grid rollout, Andhra Pradesh becomes the first Indian state to bring broadband to all the households.