Cheers! The road trip of your dreams is almost here!


Imagine experiencing the exciting life of Bangkok, the spicy Bangladeshi food, the fascinating beauty of Nepal, the lustful forest life of Mayanmar and the zen of Burma at one go in a road trip!

Your dream is about to become true in just a few months. Speeding up the target of having regular, tourist and cargo transport through land route, the highway  connecting India, Thailand, Bhutan, Nepal, and Bangladesh will be starting its Pilot runs by 15th of December 2015.


The Information from government sources is that the pilot run between Bangladesh, Bhutan, India and Nepal is scheduled between October and November and the first trial run of vehicles between India, Myanmar and Thailand would start by the end of this year.

It is announced that the opening ceremony of this highway will start with a cross country rally.

Would you make a road trip?