Check Out How Many Years Each Project Takes to Complete With Funds Given by Central Govt to Andhra Pradesh


When Andhra Pradesh was divided and a new state was formed in 2014, a lot of promises were made by the Central government to the state, under the State Reorganisation Act 2014. Later, many other promises were made in the subsequent annual budgets by the Modi government but many of them were not delivered. The ones that were delivered, like the amount allocated to the Vizag Metro, were in amounts that can only be termed as a joke. Here’s taking a look at some of the biggest failed promises to Andhra Pradesh and the number of years it will take to complete them as per the funds released by the central government.

Amaravati Capital:

Andhra Pradesh

District Annual Development Plan:


Technology and Management Institutes:


Polavaram Project:


State Reorganisation Deficit:


Vijayawada Metro:


Vizag Metro:


Central University – Tirupati: