Central Government Approves A New Railway Line Between Vijayawada and Gudur


One more development is soon going to be added to the already developing state of Andhra Pradesh. Apart from the two existing railway lines between Vijayawada junction and Gudur junction, the Centre has recently approved a third railway line between the two junctions, which is going to be a good news for the passengers living in the districts of Krishna, Guntur, Prakasam and Nellore. This decision has been made by the Central government recently in the CCEA meeting.

At an estimated cost of Rs.3,246.60 crore, this line stretches up to 287.67-km. This line will be a part of the popular Grand Trunk route, that connects the northern states and southern states in the country. The estimated time for this project to be completed is 6 years. Once the operation of this railway line is in place, this line will majorly contribute to the movement of food grains to all the states in South India. This will also enhance the services of freight traffic, catering to the increasing demands at several loading points and add a lot of value to the Krishnapatnam Seaport and the surrounding seaports as well.