AP Capital Region:  
  • A capital city spread in 55,000 Acres which would cover a total of 217 Sq.kms.
  • Capital Region spread across 7,420 Sq.kms.
  • New International Airport in Mangalagiri in 5000 Acres.
  • Road Corridors from Capital Amaravathi to Chennai, Bangalore, Visakhapatnam and Hyderabad.

Amaravathi master plan3

  • Delhi Rajpath like Main Road for the capital city.
  • Chicago City like Water Taxi in River Krishna and the Canals.
  • Theme Parks in the 2 big Islands on River Krishna.
  • High Speed Railway line to Bangalore City from Amaravathi.
Final Capital Region Plan: 

Amaravathi master plan2

  • Two new reservoirs on Kondaveeti Vaagu.
  • Civic and Central Parks for public.
  • 45 kms of Water Circuit.
Green and Blue Network: 


Amaravathi master plan

  • Greenery covers 21 % of the Capital Region.
  • Waterways cover 3% of the region.
  • Waterfronts and Developed canals through out the capital along the waterways.
  • Recreation and amusement parks along the River.
  • International Cricket Stadium along River Krishna.
  • Golf Course and a University in the Capital City.
Religious Tourism Circuit: 

Amaravathi master plan tourism

  • Integrating the Heritage and Religious nodes with the Metro, Road and Waterways.
Planning Concept:

ap capital city amaravathi vasthu

  • Brahma Stanam as per Vasthu to add positive energy from the North East direction (Eeshanyam) to the Capital Region with a View of Kanakadurga Temple, Vijayawada on one of the Axes of the Triangle Area in the Capital City.
    ( Singapore also believes in Vastu for construction like India does. Singapore City was also built as per Vastu)
Water Taxi and River Fronts:

water taxi

Road Network: 
Ap capital plan
  • 8 line express highways.
  • The narrowest road in the capital city would be an 80 feet road.
  • 50 Roads would diverge from the Core Capital to various cities and towns integrating with the National Highways and newly constructed roads.
Public Transport and Metro Rail:

Amaravathi master plan5


  • 135 Kms of Metro Rail Network.
  • Railway track to Odarevu and Bundar Ports.
  • Exclusive 35 km long Cycle Track to promote eco friendly transportation and tourism. The Cycle tracks connect the Capital and the places of attractions with residential areas and metro stations.


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