Interesting and Must know events from the Amaravati Shankustapana Ceremony.



Snapshots of many significant events that happened around the Amaravati Sankustapana Ceremony :


  • First preference in the invitation was to the thousands of Farmers who donated land for Amaravati. Govt sent handloom saree and pancha for farmers with a special invitation and a special gallery at the venue for the farmers along with the VVIPs.

amaravati invitation to farmers saree
amaravati invitation to farmers

amaravati invitation to farmers kit

  • #ManaAmaravatiManaRajadhani hashtag flooded with pictures from around the world supporting the new capital.

amaravati selfie ncbn

  • IT Employees from Hyderabad and Bangalore went on a Bicycle ride to Amaravati and reached yesterday after a 3 day bicycle ride.

Amaravati cycle ride

  • Prayers were made at the Amaravati by all the Religious groups wishing for a great future.

prayers for amaravati 2
prayers for amaravati 4
prayers for amaravati 5
prayers for amaravati

  •  E Brick Donations were launched by Chief Minister and in a week time 40,000+ people donated 30,00,000+ bricks were donating making the donations to 3 Crore Rupees.
  • Digging back into the History and Legacy 200 BCE with Satavahanas, Pallavas and other kings making Amaravati their Capital, Lord Buddha preaching the Kala Chakra has brought pride back in the Millions of citizens.

amaravati legacySource: Amaravati Stupa/ British Library. 

amaravati ancient mapSource:  Ancient Amaravati City Map/ British Library. 


  • Soil and Water from all the powerful places and rivers were brought and mixed with the land of Amaravathi and water to make it super powerful filled with aura.

soil from Amaravati

In Picture is a truck carrying water from Amritsar Golden Temple, Water from Sutlez River and Land from the Birthplace of Bhagat Singh brought to Amaravati to mix with the Amaravathi Land.

Similar water and land sample came from the powerful places across India.

  • Telangana CM KCR  was invited by Andhra Pradesh CM Chandrababu Naidu by visiting his home. KCR arrives in Andhra Pradesh 14 years after his previous visit.

amaravati invitation to KCR


  • Soil and Water from 16,000 villages was brought and mixed with the soil of Amaravati to make everyone in the state own the Capital and make it People’s Capital.

water from villages to amaravati

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was invited to lay the Foundation Stone for Amaravati, The People’s Capital.

PM modi

  • Amithabh Bachan to attend the Ceremony with Family along with Industrialists from Mumbai.
  • Super Star Rajnikanth sent two Luxury modified buses for the VVIPs to refresh at Amaravati venue.
  • Singapore Minister Eshwaran and his team arrived as an International Partner delegation to Amaravati.
  • Japan send a high level delegation to Amaravati to participate and continue collaboration with Andhra Pradesh State.
  • The Drums Maestro Sivamani takes over the cultural stage stealing the show and adding the energy.