10 things you should know about our very own Science Fiction Movie Aditya 369.


1. First Time travel film in India.

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2. First science fiction film in Telugu.

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3. The first South Indian movie to collect 9 crores in a single language its box office run.

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It collected a whooping 9 crores back in 1990 a feat which was not achievable even by many successful Bollywood movies.

4. Balakrishna’s tribute to his father.

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This marked the work of Balakrishna as the only actor to play the role of Sri Krishna Devaraya and earn critical acclaim after his father NTR. It is consired to be one of his finest performances and he balanced the two characters with real ease.

5. How many of you knew that legendary singer S.P.Balasubrahmanyam was one the producers?


He also lent his voice for the mad scientist character played by Tinnu Anand.

And we all fell in love with his talent for dubbing. Ever wondered how he voiced 5 roles of Kamal Hassan in Dasavataram?? 😀
This man is something!

6. The dialogues were written by none other than Jandyala gaaru.


Who could ever come up with those famous lines other than him.
We didn’t have Trivikram Srinivas by then.

7. The music was composed by the maestero Ilayaraja.


8. It was supposed to a multistarrer with Balakrishna & Kamal Hassan.


The first idea was to cast Balakrishna as Sri Krishna Devaraya and kamal Hassan for Krishna Kumar. Kamal had to opt out of the project due to scheduling conflicts with his movies Guna & Kshatriya Putrudu which were shot in the same period. Imagine these two accomplished actors together 🙂

9. Singeetham Sirnivasa rao.


Is known for picking one good actor from one language each decade and making successful movies of different genre with the same actor in the lead. In the 70’s it was Rajkumar of Kannada industry, In the 80’s it was Kamal Hassan and in the 90’s it was Balakrishna.

Their partnership which started with this movie would lead to two more successful movies Bhairava Dweepam and Sri Krishnarjuna Vijayam in the later year.

10. The time machine which made us fall in love with it.

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Some movies are destined to make it big. Aditya 369 is a blend of the best flavors. Singeetham Srinivasa Rao gaaru, Balakrishna, Jandyala, Ilayaraja, S.P.B, Amrish Puri and it also extracted the best performances from the rest of the actors be it Tinnu Anand as the mad scientist , Chandra mohan as Tenali Rama Krishna or Tarun as a kid.

Aditya 369 will be remembered as long as the telugu movie industry exists.

FACT: Singeetham Srinivasa Rao already started working on the sequel Aditya 999 with Bala Krishna as lead and the film is touted to be the first pre-recorded film of Indian cinema.