A small village in East Godavari is all set to become one of the first Smart Villages


The Innovation Society of the Andhra Pradesh Government and Garwood Centre for Corporate innovation of UC Berkeley-Haas School of Business have jointly launched a plan to develop the tiny village Mori and turn it into a Smart Village.

Located in Sakhinetipalli mandal in East Godavari district Mori is known for its cashew production and by December this year, it will become one of the first Smart Villages in the state; by using digital tools, real time information and uninterrupted internet connectivity.

As a part of the plan, the IT Advisor and the special-chief-secretary of Chief Minister JA Chowdary and Solomon Darwin, Director of Garwood Centre for corporate Innovation at UC Berkeley Haas school, visited Mori together on Sunday to start prototyping for a scalable village leveraging Digital Technology and Open Innovation.


Commenting on capacity building of the residents of the village, Professor Solomon Darwin, Director, Garwood Centre, said “A Smart Village does not mean bringing in a lot of infrastructure and spending huge money, but empowering people with access to tools, resources, real time transparent information and uninterrupted internet connectivity.” And accordingly, residents of Mori will participate in the study over the next five months.

The prototype is expected to be ready by mid-December and Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu would visit the village on December 29 to evaluate the technologies and the business models proposed for smart villages.

Many giant firms like Google, Cisco, IBM, Ericsson, EVx, Sahaj, Tyco, Tech Mahindra, Potential.com, App Scape, Qualcomm, Paradigm, NEC, Mtuity, Trianz and Builders of Hope (builders of smart rural homes) have tied up with the State Government for this initiative.