29 Things you can do in India, but not Abroad.


1. Go to a doctor with no insurance, no paperwork, get treated, buy  medicines and come back in an hour.


In U.S doctor visit is complicate, you should book an appointment, make sure your insurance is functioning, wait till you get the appointment and sometimes you might end up waiting for weeks altogether.

2. Buy healthy stuff at cheaper prices.

veggies IndiaSource

Thanks to our farmers we have good vegetables and fruits. Its something we take foolishly for granted. Majority of the food grown in U.S is either processed and stored or genetically modified. Onions slightly bigger than a cricket ball, tomatoes without seeds, carrots & bananas as almost long as your forearm, a food containing potential health risks with long term exposure. Of course they have organic food but not every local American family can afford it as it costs twice as much as the designed food, sometimes thrice. I observed that we Indians buy more organic food than the local americans.

A kilo of  fresh mango costs about Rs. 120 ($2)

3. Weddings, festivals and family events.


In a culture where time is a parameter for money one will surely miss the connection with the world. They do have festivals but nowhere close to what we have in India. India wins.

4. Drop in randomly to relatives/friends homes.


Hahahaha, forget about that you must take an appointment, you never know if they are out of home.

5. Get stuff repaired instead of throwing to landfill.


Indian jugaad! We are the culture that value whats ours and we don’t want to lose it, if we haave a problem with things we first try to get them repaired.

6. Take a Bus or Train to any place you want to go. 


If you don’t have a car you are screwed. Car is an essential component of life in U.S. Tell that to an Indian, he’ll laugh of. Thanks to our trusted railways, our functional RTC system and our beloved Autorikshaw waalas.

And now UBER cabs entered the game.
Big win for India 😀

7. Awesome train Journeys.

pamban bridgeSource
They have metros, but no way near to our awesome raliways. After all we have one of the best railway systems on earth. Click here.

8. Caller tunes.


A caller tune?? Whats that?

9. Affordable entertainment and communication.

mobile networksSource

India has one of the cheapest internet and calling offers. An average calling card with limited data costs about 85$ i.e aroud 5439 rupees.
HEHEHEHE, we can buy 5 or 7 calling cards with it.

 10. Best food in the world considering the Variety.


29  states, more than a 1000 cuisines. Do we need to say more?

11. Call complete strangers ‘uncle’, ‘aunty’,”Bhayya” etc.


Nope, That doesn’t work here. Address them with their name.

12. Buy almost any medicine over the counter without a prescription.


No prescription no medicine. Thanks to people who abused the over the counter services the pharma guys stopped trusting the customers.

13. Walk around holding hands with your bestie of the same gender without being considered gay/lesbian.


LOL, but NO!!

14. Big families and regular family get togethers.


Too many divorces and marriages, Complex family structures and busy work life = No family time.

16. Have 15 people come to receive you/give you send off at a railway station, each one with teary eyes.


Forget it. Take a taxi and go home.

17. Make all the noise in the world inside your home, without the fear of neighbours complaining.

gola golaSource

No No No. Stay calm , get youself some earphones take care buddy.

Wooden houses mean you neighbors can hear every damn thing you say loud.

18. Have your own personal cook.


You can get a personal cook for as cheap as $50 to 100$ a month in India. In U.S its a distant dream. Cook for yourself or buy food.

19. A full time car driver at 150$ ( Rs.10,000) a month.


Yes, get filthy rich buy a limo and hire a driver and $6000 (Rs. 3,60,000) a month. or else shut up and drive you own car.

20. Gully cricket with friends.


Forget it!!

21. Rangoli and Fire Crackers on the streets during fesivals.


Try it and you’ll get sued for vandalism. Clean streets and Wooden Houses, So hell no.

22. Feed birds and animals.


No! Law stops you. Feeding birds and animals is prohibited in some states.

23. Eat at a road side joint.

kingdom collageSource

I’m sorry again 😛

24. Take a lift from anyone even for short distances like 50 to 100 meters.


Ofcourse you can do that in India, but in US, its Impossible. Hitch Hiking is illegal and punishable in many states of USA.

25. Staying vegetarian healthily is easy.


In a country where meat rules, its close to impossible for many.

26. Learn multiple languages fairly easily.


I must say that most of us Indians are multilingual and we have a fair advantage.

27. Witness some of the most ecologically, culturally and environmentally diverse places in the world in a single country.


Theres a reason its called a SUB CONTINENT RIGHT??

28. Take your Bike, Fill Petrol of Rs.100 ,Roam around the City like a King.


29. Live luxuriously in little under $1500 a month.


Yes, 1500$ i.e 1 Lakh rupees is a decent amount for an individual to lead a comfortable life in India. Not possible in U.S though. lets keep it simple $1500 per month in India = $11000 per month in U.S