15 reasons your younger sister might be the best in the world.


1. She is your favourite pet and you never get tired pulling her cheeks 😀

jon arya1

2. Nothing can match that feeling of belonging from knowing that you have someone who loves you and believes in you no matter what.

bum bum bole

3. Your own fashion advisor.

Take that off!

The kid exactly knows what looks good on you  what doesn’t. Countless hours shopping saved.

4. You are one person she can be her annoying true self and you get the most honest opinion on everything.


5. You keep each other on the right track making sure you stay away from bad company, negative influences and habits .

girl i forbid

6. You end up becoming friends with each other’s friends and If its not for her you would forget half of your friend’s birthdays and vice versa.


7. There’s always a good company while attending boring hangouts and family functions.


8. You love fighting each other, anything and everything will be used as a weapon of war.


Fighting for no reason ,hair pulling, punches, shouting , Throwing books, chappals, study pads to name a few. Somebody has to cry has to cry (and its not you 😛 )

9. It doesn’t matter if you are a mile apart or halfway across the world, they always make you feel like they are right beside you. She makes you feel loved even if its not Raksha Bandhan.


10. She’s your full time wing man and you are hers.


She’ll have your back in any situation and often saves your ass when you get caught sneaking midnight and you take care of the boys bothering her and keep an eye on her crushes.

11. She celebrates all your successes which only pressures you to be more humble & responsible.

stark sibs

12. She’s the lab rat for all your experiments and pranks.


13. The ceaseless trust that she has in you.


It’s amazing to have someone who you know believes in you and supports you no matter what. Almost nothing can match that sense of comfort.

14. She’s one of the few people apart from your best friends who you can always trust to keep a secret.

bro sis

15. Without her, you’ll be lost if you have to buy  a gift for your girlfriend.


 And, Remember this??


Being a elder sibling can be fun on one side and hard on the other .You’ll have fun with them one day and fight with them the other day. Yet in the end, you can always be sure that you have a soul-mate for life and a relation only death can end.




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