11 Things you experience if you have a Younger Brother.



1. You loved them Since the first time you saw them.


And you knew you were meant to stick together

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2.  And then, you got jealous when they started having more attention from your family.

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Inevitable, isn’t it?

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3. They always bothered as kids, and you always ended up doing this.


and then, they were like

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With all the attention & pampering from your parents they obviously feel like they are better than you and its only a matter of time you showed who’s the boss  8|

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4. You  always gave them disconnected game controller and they believed that they are actually in the game.


One of the best parts of our childhood.

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5. They were your best companions and you tried all our WWE moves on them

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Aaaaaaah! you miss beating the hell out of them don’t you?

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6.  As you grow up you learnt to protect each other

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and Nobody dared to bother you when you are together.


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7. You are so good at reading each other that you don’t  actually need verbal communication in public, all you do is this.


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giphy (10)

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8. They are the most honest critiques you can ever have.


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Because not many people dare to annoy you with their honesty.

They are one of those rare people(Beside your best friend) with whom you can discuss anything and get a honest opinion.

9. They are your best companions in checking out girls.

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10. When it comes to the blame game there’s no one as stubborn as them.

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and you totally hate it!

11. Yet they are the first ones to compromise when you have a fight



you love them more whenever it happens! ( you just don’t admit it).

Yes, Having a younger brother is so much more fun than it  appears.
No matter what, they are always the ones who support you in your tough times & annoy you in your happy times.

Cherish them.