11 Native Fruits you should try to get the Kick Ass Andhra Feel.



1. Rajamundry seethaphalalu

custard panduSource

Natrure’s own answer to factory produced Vanilla icecream, the custard apple grown in Rajamundry is the Sweetest Seethphal you can eat right out from the tree. One spoon of it is really what you need to start a addiction.


2. Venkatagiri kota Sapota.


The Sapota/Chikku is one fruit you will develop a love-hate relation with. You will love it for its taste, enjoy it as much as possible right from the first time and then you will hate it for the fact that it wont be available all throughout the year. Its a  never ending cycle. The Milk shake of this is a must try.

3. Munjalu. 


Sweet, jucy, fresh all natural. I’m not reading the description written on the icecream cup in my hand. I’m just describing the taste of munjalu a fruit that’s widely available in rural Andhra Pradesh. Its the Nature’s Summer gift hydrating your body fighting the sun while giving you a natural loving taste.

4. Nuzvid Mangoes.


Need we say more while the whole world is in love with them?? Just the fact that it is the most exported fruit in India would suffice doesn’t it?

Don’t Miss to try the Nuzvid Special Chinna Rasalu and Pedda Rasalu.

5. Krishna – Godavari Tegalu.


The Tender Palm Shoots although available throughout the length and breadth of rural Andhra, Krishna, West and East Godavari is a region famous for them because of their peculiar taste and freshness thanks to the magical Godavari water.

Tegalu are dug from the ground and steamed on fire to bring up to an amazing taste.

6. Fresh coconut meat of Konaseema. 

coconut meatSource

When you say meat the first thing that come to my mind  is the naatukodi (country chicken) cooked by my grandma. Thats another story.  The  meat extracted from fresh coconut is a bliss, eat with freshly extracted honey and you will never leave it.

aaahhhh!!!!!  nevermind 🙁

7. Neredu pandu.

neredu panduSource

“Neredu palla laanti kallu” often a term used to describe someone with beautiful eyes. This berry looks beautiful and tastes even better. Words are a waste of effort. Try it.

Its also called the blood purifier for its natural anti oxidant content.

8. Eetha pallu.

eetha panduSource

The cousins of the Dates 😛
Yep, the palm origin fruits which have a unique taste are a must try.

9. Regi pallu.

regi panduSource 

The favorite one of all, Regi Pallu are seasonal fruits that are available in winter through Sankranthi festival and are totally part of the Telugu culture. Though we have the hybrid ones flooding in the market, the real ones are the kings out there.

10. Cheema chintakaayalu. 


This  bite sized fruit with its pleasurable sourness makes it a instant hit with many. Its from the Tamarind family, but a more attractive and unique tasted one.

This one is kind of the rarest one to find in the market now, but is still there are a unique one in the rural. Try your luck finding one.

11. Usirikaayalu.


There are sour fruits and then there is Usirikaaya. Nothing can match the pleasure of eating it when it comes to taste. Its from the Amla family, but the wilder and sourer version of it unlike the bitterly sour amla.

I only wish that someone would grow all these trees in a single farm and keep them available for the travelers and foodies to explore. Until then, Explore the Rural, Explore Andhra Pradesh. 🙂