10 Traits that are unique to a Pawan Kalyan Fan…


When you talk about Pawan Kalyan fans, you are unknowingly referring to the largest united population group in Andhra Pradesh. Following the philosophy of Pawanism; you’ll find these people everywhere. Here’s taking a look at the unique traits of a Pawanism follower!

1. The clothes maketh the man:


If any self respecting Pawanism follower doesn’t have a teeshirt like this one, then he/she is not a PK fan!

2. PK, PK everywhere:


From wishing him on his birthday to having posters of his films everywhere; it’s like a revenge of Pawanism on Social Media.

3. Cutting cakes dedicated to PK:

Whether it is to celebrate his birthday or his new release or to just celebrate him being there in the world; PK fans find some or the other excuse to cut a cake in his name and celebrate!

4. Doing anything to meet him in person:


Some, take it to a different level altogether and do everything in their power to meet him.

5. The theatre drama:


Whenever a PK movie is released, all the theatres in the city get a festive look; courtesy PK fans!

6. Imitation is the best form of admiration:


If you see someone rubbing the side of their necks just the way the power star does; rest assured that he/she is a die hard fan!

7. The Television Hijack:


If there is a PK movie airing on TV; forget about getting the TV remote into your hand!

8. Their databases of PK movies:


They are like the IMDB of PK’s movies.. Their computers usually have every single one of his films and songs!

9. Vehicular :


Nothing shows a fan’s devotion like putting their favourite star’s face on their vehicle and PK fans take it to a whole new dimension.

10. Because patience is a virtue:


When fans come to know that PK is visiting some place, the fans there will endlessly wait to catch a glimpse of him…