10 things everyone who has stayed in a hostel can relate to


Hostel is an integral part of every student’s life. Almost everyone would’ve stayed in a hostel at least once in their lifetime. Here are a few things which are universal to everone who has stayed in a hostel, regardless of when.

1. The bad food.


This is universal. Wherever you go in India, the mess food is terrible and a day won’t go by where you dont complain about it.

2. Home sickness.


That long wait for a long weekend and absconding away from college is also universal, especially in the first year of your hostel life.


3. True friendship.


Hostel is a place where one meets the best friends of his life. It is a place where true friendship is forged and will last for lifetime.

4. Gaming nights.

Game OverSourceflickr

Call of Duty, Blur, Fifa and especially DOTA 2 are the primary reasons why hosteliers do not sleep. Team alpha in room 104 and team beta in room 105 connected via wifi and extension cables. Game  on!


5.Sleeping at 2AM,waking at 6.


The constant tug of war between sleep and fun is a battle undone since the beginning of  time. If you want to hit the sack by 10pm, your roommate’s gonna have an angry girlfriend or an assignment due the next day to burn the midnight oil.

6. What’s yours is mine.


Right from your soap to that small bottle of head and shoulders, it is all in the intersection of the venn diagram of common property. One thing hostel life teaches you is to share and safeguard your stuff.


7. World cup fever


Nostalgia will hit you hard when you think about your world cup experience when you were in a hostel. Around 100 people crowding in a room with a relatively small television broadcasting the cricket world cup and the whole room going wild after each 6 is something you’ve got to experience.

8. Bathroom wars.


There are two kinds of people; people who wake up early in the morning to get hot water and avoiding standing in line and people who wake up late to avoid standing in line. There is no middle ground.

9. The groups


There will be groups and then there will be gangs. A group of people who’ll always roam together, chill together and bunk classes together. The wolfpacks.

10. Playing Hide and seek with the Warden.


Jumping over walls, sneaking past the warden past curfew are things we’ve all done at least once.


Cover Picture Source : Flickr 

By: Mr.Henry Burrows